At the age of 34, Brazilian full-back Dani Alves is near the end of his career but, after a superb season with Italian champion Juventus, he is looking at another big deal with english premier league side, manchester city. This move could be a good one for both the player and the club, and I see such result a very likely one.

Why does this move make sense for Manchester City?

As far as Manchester City are concerned, they are getting a world-class right-back that has had a lot of experience. While he is not going to be a long-term option due to his age, he will be able to be a leader on the side, and that seems to be something that Manchester City need at the moment with the likes of their captain constantly injured.

This experience in the squad will be a huge boost for the Manchester side especially when it comes to important games and pressure situations, where this team has failed in the past.

In addition to this, Dani Alves is also a great attacking player and he is going to be a great option going forward for the Sky Blues. This was displayed in his performances in the knockout stages of the Champions League for Juventus last season. The Brazilian provides great width on the right-hand side of the pitch and he will surely provide many assists if he is to join Manchester City.

Why does this move make sense for Dani Alves?

Firstly, Manchester City are a team that pay well. This is seen with the likes of Sergio Aguero and David Silva who are very handsomely compensated for their time.

In addition to this, Manchester City will also give Dani Alves a chance to compete for the Premier League title. The Brazilian is yet to have played in the English Premier League and after already achieving domestic success in both Italy and Spain, this seems like a good next step for the player. He will join a team filled with excellent players and this will give the Brazilian a great opportunity to win a domestic league title in England.

Outside of this, a move to Manchester City will also allow the 34-year-old Brazilian right-back to be reunited with his former Barcelona boss, Pep Guardiola. Guardiola and Alves shared a very good relationship when the two were in the north of Spain and, during this tenure, they achieved a lot of success which included La Liga and Champions League titles. I am sure that having another opportunity to play under the world-class Spanish manager is something that the player will be more than willing to do.