When looking at NBA players, there are two modes of thought when it comes to star players like isaiah thomas and new contracts. The first is the most obvious. An NBA player will prove they are a superstar and then take the most money they can get when they pick up their next contract, which is why the NBA has implemented the ability for teams to retain their own free agents at a higher price point than other teams can sign them.

The other mode of thought is evident by Kevin Durant, who took less money in order to make it easier for him to win an NBA Championship.

While the Oklahoma City Thunder could have offered Durant the most money to keep him, Durant found it better to take less money to join the Golden State Warriors after he realized he couldn't beat them.

Isaiah Thomas and his way of thinking

Isaiah Thomas is not like either of those examples. While he could gain a huge contract extension from the Boston Celtics, he knows he can't win by himself and actually said that he would rather Boston use their money this offseason to sign some key free agents instead of worrying about paying him a huge contract extension.

Like Kevin Durant, Isaiah Thomas could also look for a way out of Boston to try to help create a superteam. Instead, Isaiah is saying and doing all the right things by showing that he is loyal to the Boston Celtics and wants to help them win.

Thomas is willing to do what it takes to win and not take the easy way out.

Isaiah Thomas' future contract

Isaiah Thomas is entering the final year of his four-year, $27 million, contract. In 2017-18, Thomas will make $6.3 million, which is nothing compared to other stars of his level. The player that the Boston Celtics take in the first round of the 2017 NBA Draft will actually make more than Thomas.

That player will make $7 million.

Of course, the Boston Celtics will want to be careful in this situation. While Isaiah Thomas is saying all the right things, Kevin Durant also claimed loyalty to the Oklahoma City Thunder before leaving them without anything in return when he bolted for the green pastures of the Golden State Warriors.

Just because Thomas is saying he wants to help the Celtics now does not mean he won't ditch them after his contract ends.

The smart thing for the Boston Celtics to do is show their determination to build around Isaiah Thomas by locking him up to an extension. Russell Westbrook proved what happens when a player remains loyal to a team, and the Celtics fans have to hope Thomas is more Westbrook than Durant if the team agrees to spend money on free agents now and hope Thomas sticks around after that.