Words of CM Punk’s WWE return have resurfaced once again after WWE uploaded a video on its Youtube channel featuring a WWE championship match between the Best in the World and the Great One Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson from 2013. Harry Kettle, on pro-wrestling site Sportskeeda, shared his insights on the matter and discussed whether or not he thinks Punk will ever step inside a WWE ring again.

CM Punk on WWE Youtube platform

WWE uploaded probably the first CM Punk-related video in years on Thursday, and it featured the WWE championship rematch between CM Punk and the Rock at the 2013 WWE Elimination Chamber.

WWE’s latest Youtube upload wasn’t even the full length version of the match, but the two-and-half minute flick was enough to create a significant buzz in the wrestling community.

The initial thought upon seeing WWE content that features CM Punk is that the number one wrestling promotion in the world is already planting the seeds for a potential return of one of the most endeared WWE superstars in history. After all, this isn’t the first time WWE uploaded or released materials that featured past WWE/WCW superstars months before they made their actual appearances. They did the same with the Sting before his WWE debut in 2014 and with Goldberg prior to his return in 2016.

Perhaps another false alarm

According to Kettle, the video is likely just a random upload by WWE social media department, and it has nothing to do with Punk’s potential comeback. Nevertheless, he expects more developments on the issue to come out in the following days or weeks.

There’s no doubt the CM Punk vs. the Rock video piqued the curiosity of most WWE fans.

It has been more than three years now since CM Punk decided to leave WWE due to disputes with Vince McMahon and other top-officials. Punk has spoken a number of times already that he no longer has the passion to work in a wrestling ring, no more so to wrestle again under the WWE banner.

However, UK-based wrestling promotion 5Star wrestling has recently placed an offer of $1 million for CM Punk just for him to take part in the 128-man tournament which is scheduled to start on June 10.

Daniel Hinkles, the owner of 5Star Wrestling, even cleared during an interview on the Pancakes and Powerslams Show that it was indeed a legitimate offer for Punk to come out of retirement.

He added that he’s even willing to increase the offer. In short, the ball is in Punk’s court if he wants to join former WWE employees Johnny Mundo, Rob Van Dam, Carlito and Rey Mysterio, who have already confirmed their appearance in the tournament. For now, Punk is focused on pursuing his MMA career after losing his first ever match against Micky Gall at UFC 203.