We are just a day away from free agency, and it will surely be a busy one. Chris Paul was reported to be traded to the Rockets in a sign and trade before free agency even began. Now, eyes are now on a prize that isn't even a free agent at the current moment. Everyone around the league is wondering where will Carmelo Anthony go?

Cavaliers are reported as Anthony's preference

Stephen A. Smith said on the Mike and Mike show Thursday morning that Anthony is willing to take a buyout and sign with the Cavaliers for less money. He said that, as of now, it is the only team that he would take less money to play for.

How much less? That is an unknown answer given Anthony's track record in terms of his financial commitments.

Anthony is getting tired of the Knicks' losing culture. Anthony has only missed the playoffs four times in his long career, and all of those times have come within the last four seasons. Now, that Phil Jackson and the Knicks have parted ways, it's unknown if the buyout will happen, but it seems that Anthony wants to play with one of his best friends in LeBron James.

Don't count out the Rockets yet

The Rockets could still make a run at Anthony if he were to secure a buyout. The Rockets have their own superstar package in Paul and James Harden. Anthony is also very good friends with Paul, so there would already be chemistry.

The real challenge would be for the Rockets to convince Anthony to take a pay cut as well. If Anthony is only willing to take a paycut for Cleveland, then the Rockets would be in trouble.

However, nothing will happen unless Cleveland can make a trade for Kevin Love. As of now, not a lot of teams are not wanting to take on Love and his contract that runs for two more years.

Anything can happen in this league, which is why we can't count the Rockets out.

What's the better decision?

Realistically, the better decision is for Anthony to stay in the east. Anthony has never won a NBA championship.Why would Anthony want to go to Houston to try to bulldoze players like Steph Curry, Kevin Durant, Kawhi Leonard, and Russell Westbrook?

The Cavaliers are still the best team in the east unless Boston can secure a top free agent. Even if that happened, the Celtics may not be good enough.

Even if Boston can convince Gordon Hayward to come to the Celtics, a potential three-headed monster of Anthony, James, and Kyrie Irving would decimate Boston. Anthony is 33-years old and will turn 34 next May. We will learn real quick if Anthony is more serious about money or winning this summer.