The 88th MLB All-Star Game voting ends this Thursday, and there are some interesting races. First base, third base, and designated hitter are going to go down to the wire. Three Astros look to start in the All-Star Game, while others are running away at their positions. Here is the final update until the voting results are revealed.

Designated hitter position close

Nelson Cruz of the Mariners is holding down the lead with 1,366,962 votes, but the race is as close as it can get. Tampa Bay's Corey Dickerson is looking to make his first All-Star Game, and has 1,267,234 votes.

The gap is just 100,000 as we enter the home stretch. Dickerson is leading the American League with 99 hits, while Cruz has 58 runs batted in. Whatever happens, both have a couple of days to sway the voters.

Sano takes lead at third base

Jose Ramirez had a stretch most players would wan, hitting 14 extra base hits in a seven day stretch two weeks ago, but the Twin fans have spoken by propping Sano up. The 24-year old has 1,550,240 votes compared to Ramirez's 1,341,076. Sano hit his 17th and 18th home run last week to give fans some excitement, but it will not be easy to hold off his competition. Ramirez has plenty of time to go on a torrid two day stretch. Josh Donaldson is 400,000 votes behind, while Mike Moustakas is 500,000.

Eric Hosmer tries to hold off Smoak

Hosmer has 1,419,887 votes compared to Smoak's 1,348,233. Hosmer only has a 400,000 vote lead over Yonder Alonso. Hosmer is batting .302 on the season, and is hopeful to make his second straight All-Star game. Smoak is also deserving, hitting 20 home runs this season, while Alonso is hitting .292.

The good news for these two players is that each team gets one representative. The Blue Jays and A's are in last place in their divisions. It's possible that Smoak and Alonso make it based on their resumes and their respective rosters.

Astros taking off

The Astros are getting the respect they deserve. The team with the best major leage record has three players slated to start in the All-Star Game.

Jose Altuve has a 1.2 million vote lead at second base, Carlos Correa has an 800,000 vote lead at shortstop, and George Springer is the third outfielder. Springer has the narrowest margin with only 300,00 votes over Michael Brantley. If all three get in, it will be the first time the Astros have had at least three All-Stars since 2005.

Rounding out the rest

Salvador Perez is likely to start at the catcher position. He holds an 800,000 vote lead in his spot. Aaron Judge is a lock with 3.6 million votes, while Mike Trout will join him in the outfield -- he has the second most votes at roughly 2.5 million.