According to ESPN's Zach Lowe and Marc Stein, the Boston Celtics are really considering trading the No. 1 overall pick in this year's NBA draft to the Philadelphia 76Ers. The 76ers have emerged very high on Washington's point guard, Markelle Fultz, and want to swap their picks with the Celtics.

Why even make the trade?

If the 76ers really want Fultz, they want to make sure they get him. Fultz could join previous draft picks and big men, Joel Embiid, Jahlil Okafor, and Ben Simmons. The 76ers were rumored to be high on Kansas forward Josh Jackson, but Fultz would give them a dynamic guard for now and the future to pair with their stable of forwards.

The 76ers sound scared of what could happen if the Celtics selected Jackson with the number one pick. The Lakers have worked out Fultz two days ago. Nothing in the draft is guaranteed. If the 76ers are worried the Lakers will take Fultz instead of UCLA guard, Lonzo Ball, then this trade makes sense.

Is the package worth the trade?

The 76ers would have to give up more than their No. 3 overall pick. The 76ers have four picks in the second round, netting slots at No. 36, No. 39, No 46, and No. 50. With Boston's leverage, it would cost Philadelphia at least two of these second round pick. They could also land a draft pick for next year's draft. If Boston gets anything more than that, the Celtics will win another trade that involves draft picks.

Boston has been linked to Jackson as of late, so general manager, Danny Ainge, might just be bluffing the 76ers. The Celtics already have a crop of guards in Isaiah Thomas, Avery Bradley, and Marcus Smart, so the forward, Jackson, would be a complementary piece. The Lakers are more than likely going to draft Ball. At No. 3, Fultz would still be on the board.

Make the trade if Fultz is your guy

At some point, the 76ers need to start competing. The 76ers still don't have a player that is the identity of their team. A face of the franchise hasn't been around since Allen Iverson. Their least three draft selections haven't played in full seasons, yet alone together. 2012 draft selection, Nerlens Noel, was traded this past year.

A high profile guard could jumpstart a sorrowed fan base.

If the 76ers feel the reward beats the risk, then this trade will benefit them now. Trading for Fultz would give the city the statement of, "this is our guy." The team could say they went out of their way to acquire this player, so get excited. Not to mention, this would also be former number one pick, Simmons, first season as well. The town has suffered for too long, so if getting Fultz will excite your fan base, then make the trade.