Wwe Nxt always tapes their shows one to two months in advance. With "Nxt Takeover: Chicago" in the books, NXT has taped their next months worth of shows, and the new challengers for the titles were revealed as a face turned Heel. Here is a look at everything that happened at the WWE NXT TV tapings this week and what fans can expect as they count down to the next "NXT TakeOver" event. Spoilers will follow for the next four weeks of the popular WWE Network show.

The new title contenders

No titles changed hands at "NXT TakeOver: Chicago" and Bobby Roode, Asuka, and the Authors of Pain are still the three champions on the NXT brand.

While all three matches were clean wins, it looks like Asuka will continue to feud with Nikki Cross. As fans who watched the NXT show know, the match in Chicago was a three-way and it seems Nikki Cross will remain involved in the women's title feud with Asuka. The two had a huge brawl after the three women (including Ruby Riot) had an elimination match that ended in a no contest when Asuka and Cross battled to the back.

The Authors of Pain will need new contenders since DIY split up at "NXT TakeOver: Chicago." It looks like the tag titles will be up for grabs as Heavy Machinery stepped up as the next contenders. Finally, it looks like Bobby Roode's next opponent for the WWE NXT title might be Roderick Strong, who beat Eric Young in Chicago, and said he wanted a title shot.

Roode shot down the challenge, but all wrestling fans know where that leads.

Heel turns on NXT

Everyone who watched "NXT TakeOver: Chicago" saw Tomasso Ciampa turn heel and destroy his partner Johnny Gargano after they lost to the Authors of Pain. Ciampa came out to open the NXT TV tapings on crutches and explained that his injury before "TakeOver" will keep him out of action for a while, and that he wasn't going to let Gargano go on without him -- so he took matters into his own hands.

However, the biggest shock at the NXT tapings came when Hideo Itami wrestled Oney Lorcan in a match. Of course, Itami missed a lot of time with injuries despite the fact that he came into NXT as a huge signing. His loss to Bobby Roode sent him over the edge and he took it out on Lorcan. When Kassius Ohno ran down to stop the assault, Itami struck back at Ohno and walked out.

It looks like fans who remembered the brutal KENTA will get that in the WWE now with Hideo Itami.

Speaking of Kassius Ohno, while his return to WWE NXT has not gone as well as was hoped, he wrestled in the main event of the last taped show against Aleister Black in what was called the best match of the evening.