The Spurs and Rockets faced off on Houston's home floor. Many were in for an exciting or exhilarating matchup, but it turned out to be total domination by the Spurs and a poor game for the Rockets. The Rockets struggled all night and could not find any rhythm on either side of the ball.

Although we should give the Rockets some credit because they still had an incredible season, it is just sad to see them go out that way, especially in a crucial game. The Rockets did not have a sense of urgency all night, and the Spurs clearly got the best of them.

They showed no sense of passion or resiliency to turn the game around.

The team will be back in the same position next year. Either way, the Spurs will have a tough challenge facing the Warriors, which are a favorite to win it all this year. The Spurs are in for another tough challenge.

The team greatly deserves a lot of credit for bouncing back after the huge game one loss to the Rockets. The next series with the Warriors will be very entertaining. Surely, do not count out the Spurs, who are firing on all cylinders now.

James Harden performance

Harden was kept to just 10 points all game with three rebounds and seven assists. James had trouble all night from the start, turning over the ball and shooting poorly.

He looked to be trying to pass the ball; instead of shooting, even when he had open looks.

The defense of the Spurs was just terrific and was too much for the Rockets. Almost every shot they had was contested. The MVP candidate simply did not show up tonight. It still does not take away from the amazing season that he had though.

LaMarcus Aldridge's stellar game

Aldridge dominated the Rockets with 34 points and 12 rebounds. He showed up tonight. The Rockets had no answer for him, crashing the offensive glass and shooting mid-range jumpers, along with fade aways. This is what he has been doing for so many years, being an elite shooter. He found his rhythm and greatly helped the Spurs blow by the Rockets.

The emergence of Jonathon Simmons

Simmons, a Houston native, totally blew the Rockets away. The second-year player had 18 points and four assists. It is clear that Simmons has emerged as a great player recently. He shows a lot of promise. Simmons could be a potential star behind Kawhi Leonard in the future for this organization.

Watching him play now, he has emerged as a great offensive threat, and he is slowly improving. I would not be surprised to see Simmons years later as the new face of the franchise. A great franchise with championship blood and passion.

Spurs get it done without their star Kawhi Leonard

Leonard sat out this game with an ankle injury suffered in the last game. Simply, the Spurs did not need him either way, rolling by the opponent.

He will be greatly needed against the Warriors, but it is good that he got some rest from the injury.

Kawhi has had a great season this year. He will most likely be ready to go for game one against the Warriors. The Spurs are moving forward.