One of the hottest topics in the history of sports has been the conversation and the question of 'who's better? LeBron or Jordan?'. It seems to be a regular conversation at the barber or at the dinner table. But most of the time, people have their own opinions, and that's that. But when one of the greatest players of all time feels the need to talk about the situation, it's worth listening to

Pippen discusses the difference between Jordan and James

Scottie Pippen played alongside Michael Jordan for the majority of his career and won many NBA world championships with him.

They both were able to help each other notch a total of six titles, making for one of the most dominant duos in league history. Scottie dived into the comparison between the two all-time greats, saying:

"You could look at shot attempts; I think Michael was definitely more of a hungry scorer, a guy that looked to score the basketball. I think looking statistically, at stats, LeBron would probably dominate that area."

Scottie certainly believes that his long-time teammate is the better scorer of the two, although LeBron James is on the brink of passing Jordan on the playoff scoring list. And Pippen also praises LeBron's ability to put up statistics on the board, doing so better than Mike. But overall, the small forward doesn't believe the comparison should be made, stating:

"When you compare these two players, it's not a fair comparison.

LeBron plays the game a lot different in the way Michael approached the game. Michael approached the game as a scorer; we knew early on in his career how dominant he was, he averaged 35 or 36 one years. LeBron doesn't embrace those kinds of challenges; he embraces the statistics across the board."

LeBron could average a triple double?

According to Scottie Pippen, LeBron's ability to rack in stats across the board at a high level could lead him to one day averaging a triple double for a season, if he wanted to.

The only others players that would've done it would be Russell Westbrook and Oscar Robertson. Pippen made a strong statement on King James, adding:

"He could average a triple double if he put his mindset to it, he plays the game the right way, and he's one of those guys that you've seen, guys love to pay with him because he's a willing passer."

A huge compliment from Scottie Pippen is that he admires the fact that players want to play with LeBron due to his unselfish play style. Something that wasn't quite the same with Jordan and Kobe, and being a teammate of Michael, and a competitor of Kobe, Pippen knows well.