If you have been living under a rock then let me fill you in. The Golden State Warriors have secured their spot in the NBA Finals by sweeping the San Antonio Spurs. Currently, the Cleveland Cavaliers are up 3-1 in the series against the Boston Celtics. With the Eastern Conference still open, let's compare each team that could get a spot in the NBA Finals to the Warriors.

Golden State Warriors

Currently, in the postseason, the undefeated Golden State Warriors are averaging 118.3pts per game, while allowing an average of 102pts per game - thus their differential is +16.3pts per game.

Out of the 16 total teams, they rank 1st, 3rd, and 1st in those categories respectively. They are tied with the Cleveland Cavaliers for highest FG% at .502, and lead all playoff teams in opposing team FG% holding their opponents to an average of .416. Their biggest weakness? They can get sloppy at times, and are ranked 11th in turnovers averaging 13.8 per game. But their biggest strength by far is holding their opponents 3pt FG% to .320. How do these stats compare to those of the Cavaliers and Celtics?

Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James. Kyrie Irving. Kevin Love. The big three of the Cavaliers, the backbone of the franchise in its current state. One word - dangerous. There is no need for me to go on about how talented their roster in, so lets break down some statistics.

The Cavaliers are currently only behind Golden State in own PPG, averaging 115.3. They rank 6th in opp PPG allowing an average of 103.3 - leaving their differential at +12. As mentioned before they tie Golden State in FG% at .502. Their biggest strength is they lead all postseason teams with a whopping .432 3pt%. For reference, Golden State is only shooting .389.

What do these stats mean? Well on paper, theoretically, the Golden State Warriors should win; but things don't always go to plan. The big kicker is that with Kevin Durant, they have now added yet another all-star to the team that the Cavaliers have to factor in. Meaning that as opposed to last year, if Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson go dark, they still have a sufficient scorer on the floor.

To acquire Kevin Durant cost the Warriors a few pieces from last years team, but going in I would still say that the Warriors have the better bench.

As it stands right now for the Cavaliers, LeBron seems to be in a slump while Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love are hitting on all cylinders. As it stands right now for the Warriors, they are finding production from a lot of different guys, but Klay Thompson sticks out for his lack of production. If this series were to happen, Klay Thompson has to be able to hit his shots - or else the team will suffer for it.

Both teams have had a pretty easy time against opposing teams in the playoffs so far, so defense will definitely play a crucial part. The Warriors seem to be doing a good job keeping their opponents FG% low, which will definitely be needed against Cleveland who is leading in % from downtown.

But the Warriors can get lazy on closeouts which could cost them if this series came to fruition.

Ultimately this series is the more likely of the two scenarios, with the Celtics leading scorer Isaiah Thomas out, and with the Celtics down 3-1. But if the Celtics were to find a way, what should we expect?

Boston Celtics

Boston ranks 8th in production, averaging 105.4pts per game, and they allow on average 106.5 - tying them with Houston in 10th out of the 16 teams. Clearly the big thing for the Celtics is reliable defense. With Isaiah Thomas out, they grow better defensively. However they sacrifice his scoring ability while he is out as well. The big kicker for Boston however, their motto, it's not luck, its heart.

Boston ranks third in opponents turnover per game, averaging 14.4. This remains a big factor because Golden State can often get loose with the ball, and they average 13.8 per game.

Ultimately, however, without Isaiah Thomas, a new scorer will have to step up. Statistically, Boston is averaging a .458 FG%, with a .369 3pt% - and although that puts them at 6th in both positions, it doesn't tell the true story. Isaiah Thomas has been their natural scorer and even with great feeds and great plays drawn up by Brad Stevens, the Celtics players can often miss open shots. Missing open shots is not how you beat a very deadly Golden State Warriors.

The big positive for the Celtics is that the Warriors like to play small, and so do the Celtics.

The Warriors lack skilled big men who will be able to easily bully the small size of the Celtics. In addition, the Celtics boast skilled perimeter defenders in Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder. Sadly for the Celtics, they lack a big post presence, meaning that Kevin Durant will be able to get to the hoop easily, similarly to LeBron James.

If this series were to somehow come to fruition, it would be a very lack luster series. If Isaiah Thomas rushed back from injury, I do not see him staying healthy or creating the impact necessary to drive away the hungry Warriors from reaching the title.

Bottom Line

Game 5 of the Eastern Conference Finals takes place tonight at 8:30 pm ET on TNT, and it should be a good game as it heads back to Boston. They are known for having the most active fan base in the NBA, and hopefully, it can play a part in tonight's game to put a little animosity in these playoffs before we reach the finals.