Oklahoma State's success in 2016 was fueled behind Juwan Evans. The Cowboys made the NCAA Tournament and though they lost to Michigan in the opening round, the team battled. Oklahoma State and Michigan had one of the best games of the whole tournament and it was a big improvement for Oklahoma State compared to the season before. Juwan Evans comes into the draft as a late first round talent but brings a lot of experience and strength into the league. Evans operated Oklahoma State in a pro-style system and this will translate really well for himself to the next level.

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 185 pounds

College averages: 19.2 ppg, 3.4 rpg, 6.4 apg


The big strength to Juwan Evans is his ability to play in the Pick And Roll. Oklahoma State ran a pick and roll system for Juwan and he brought them to huge success. The pick and roll is very valuable in the NBA, but a lot of colleges don't run those same sets as NBA teams. Juwan Evans is already a step ahead of the other point guards in this draft. He dominated in the pick and roll on the scoring end and in finding shooters. Evans is ready mentally for the decision-making that comes with pick and rolls and will be very valuable for a team late in the first round.

Although he doesn't have great height for a guard, standing at just 6'1", Juwan has a solid frame and won't get pushed around.

When he attacks bigs off of pick and rolls, Juwan Evans will be able to absorb that contact and get by them or absorb the contact on his finishing moves.


Juwan Evans needs to get better on his three-point shot. His percentages weren't bad, shooting 38 percent from three, but he didn't take a lot of threes per game.

Evans took just 3 three-point shots per game, and he'll need to improve that quickly when he gets to the NBA. Teams will go under all the screens set for Juwan until he makes them pay and hits that outside shot. This isn't a lost cause, and his work ethic is good enough to where he will be a good shooter off the dribble in due time.

Defensively, Juwan Evans is going to struggle. He's smaller than the average guard and his defense wasn't great. His 6'4" wingspan will become very valuable for guarding other NBA point guards, and even though he is small, his solid frame will help him around the perimeter and in the paint. Evans won't get pushed around, but he doesn't provide any defense around the perimeter on the opposing players' shot.

Juwan Evans can contribute on any NBA team right away. He doesn't have as high a ceiling as other point guards in the draft, but he brings a ton of veteran experience and would contribute well to any team with an established guard already.