Mia Khalifa is a well known name around the world, and mostly not due to her opinions about the sport of basketball or the NBA, rather for her intriguing occupation. While she may not be known as a sports junkie or analyst, she has shared her opinions on the National Basketball Association and the National Football League in the past. Most of the time however, she uses her social media to troll or antagonise professional sportsmen, and recently she has done it again.

Mia Khalifa shares his despise for the Celtics

As an avid fan of the Washington Wizards, Mia Khalifa who calls herself "The DC sports girl" has expressed her not so nice opinions on the Boston Celtics during her Twitter rampage.

Mia is always showing her love for the Wizards and star players John Wall and Bradley Beal on her social media accounts. So it's clear to see that the Celtics kicking her team out of the playoffs was not something she was happy about. She holds a specific hatred for Celtics big man, Kelly Olynyk. The hatred for the team in Boston is enough for her to jump on the Cleveland bandwagon and support them in the upcoming Eastern Conference Finals, as shown in recent tweets.

And this...

Mia was not done here though, her hate for Kelly Olynyk is on a whole 'nother level.

Sending out various tweets that are both hilarious and crude, destroying the Canadian big man.

And yes.. this one is really disrespectful but hilarious at the same time..

In the midst of this tweet fest, Khalifa pretty much ended the commotion with a strong statement to the C's.

A statement which illustrates what most NBA fans are thinking right now anyway.

Khalifa always finds herself in the NBA spotlight

Mia Khalifa is very active on social media when it comes to basketball and the NBA. She has made various controversial comments on NBA players' photos and videos.

She recently roasted Philadelphia 76ers young superstar Joel Embiid by commenting "a room full of L's" on one of his Instagram posts which featured a photo of himself, Ben Simmons, Nerlens Noel and Meek Mill. Embiid hilariously replied with "Says the women with miles of D".

So somehow, someway, she always finds herself in the middle of NBA controversy. But it really is no surprise. With the history she has, and the tweets she makes about particular players, she sets it up for herself. But as a diehard Washington Wizard fan, she isn't afraid to let out her resentment for the Boston Celtics on Twitter. And wishes nothing but the worst for the Celtics in their next round series against the defending champions, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.