Los Angeles Lakers President of Basketball Operations Magic Johnson wants to see Brandon Ingram strengthen up. Ingram, who was the second pick in last year's draft, has his height listed at 6-foot-9 and weight at 190 pounds. His skinny frame was often mentioned even before he came to the world's best basketball league.

A lack of strength on Ingram's body could have been seen at times during this past regular season, and that is something he has to improve. NBA players are as strong as ever and the fact that Ingram needs to add more strength has been paraphrased multiple times.

Ingram and the team have taken steps in order to improve that aspect since he arrived in Los Angeles.

In a podcast given to ESPN Los Angeles, magic johnson said he wants Brandon Ingram to ''get a little stronger.'' Johnson then added that Ingram hitting the gym is not about him ''being bigger'' but rather ''stronger.''

It would help Ingram

Brandon Ingram wasn't afraid to put his head down and attack the basket in his rookie, especially after the All-Star break. The 19-year-old's length gives him so much versatility and options what to do when he drives to the rim. Being stronger would certainly help the Duke product to become more efficient on the offensive end of the floor. Due to his body frame, Ingram probably wasn't given the benefit of the doubt by referees this season.

''I was a skinny guy myself, but at the same time, I got stronger so I could take the contact when I was driving to the basket,'' Magic Johnson said. ''Right now when he takes the hit, he's going out of bounds, or he's going to floor and he's not getting a lot of And-1s, so we want this year for him to finish at the rim and get those And-1's.''

It's a process

The Los Angeles Lakers decided not to rush Brandon Ingram's bulking when they drafted him.

Instead, the team opted to use a slow process, which would see Ingram getting stronger bit by bit. The fast process could be a dangerous one, as the body would have to suddenly adapt to more weight which could damage Ingram's knees.

Looking at the bigger picture, it was a smart move by Lakers, who had Ingram healthy for the most part of the season.

Ingram played in 79 of 82 games in the regular season. He was hit by a knee tendinitis at the end of the season, but it was nothing serious.

Ingram is in a great organization and has a great team of people around him. The young forward has shown dedication, commitment and willingness to work thus far in Los Angeles. He is set to have a busy summer, working on a couple of aspects of his game, and should enter the sophomore season with more muscles.