LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever throw on a basketball jersey. In the latest game to bury the Celtics, James had 35 points, 8 rebounds, and 8 assists. He heralds the same number as one of the best ever known to grace the game. The Messiah has completed yet another milestone in his long career. He has now eclipsed one of the greatest basketball players ever to Play The Game: Michael Jordan. People always like to compare the two side by side. Who is better? Will LBJ ever be greater than Jordan? Can LeBron get a fourth ring? The only object that Jordan still has over LeBron is the number of championship rings.

James has just surpassed another record and from one of the greatest to ever play the game of basketball. Now, he is headed to the Finals for a seventh consecutive year and for the third time straight against the Warriors. There is no doubt that he is a winner and has been in this position before. We will have to wait to see if LeBron will be able to beat the powerful Warriors, who are seeking revenge this time around.

LeBron can break other records

LeBron is close to breaking other records as well. He is close to passing others in assists and close to surpassing Scottie Pippen to become first in playoff steals. So, not only has he passed Jordan in playoff scoring, but also in steals. He is currently 18 steals away from Pippen to become first in playoff steals.

James continues to shatter records, regardless of the fact that he has played more games, it is still a remarkable feat.

LeBron is just 32 years of age as well, so he can become first in all other categories in steals and assists. He can become the only one to hold all these records. If he continues at this rate, it would be very difficult for anyone to pass him.

He has plenty of time left in the league to break even more records. James can beat some of the other records by the next playoff series against the Warriors.

A difficult path going forward

LeBron James will have yet another challenge in his career, facing an unstoppable team, the Golden State Warriors. It is what everyone has been waiting for after seeing boring sweeps throughout the entirety of the playoffs.

He will try to beat the Warriors again, like last year. There is a lot of adversity against him, many thinking that he will lose, even to the point of getting swept.

The question is if the chosen one can lift his team over the opponent, who are undefeated in the playoffs. Are the Cavaliers good enough to beat the Warriors this time around?

Warrior players face extreme pressure

The Warriors are stacked with the addition of Kevin Durant. Surely, Durant will be looking to capture his first ring ever and he faces an abundance of pressure. Everyone will be looking towards the matchup of Durant and James. Two all-stars who will battle it out for the gold.

Steph Curry as well has a lot of pressure because if he can still not beat the great one with Kevin Durant, it will show that Curry is not an amazing player who can get it done in the playoffs.

Durant will face criticism of leaving the Oklahoma City Thunder only to lose once again, coming up short with a stacked team this time. Draymond Green will have to hold his emotions in check or be suspended like what happened in the last series, which ultimately cost them the trophy. This time around, even with the newest additions, Green is still vital to the Warriors success.

Klay Thompson will have to step up to the plate and shoot well for his team. He has had a shaky time in the playoffs, not shooting well or playing like himself.

People will have to understand to not underestimate the king. He has already proven his worth and has nothing to lose like the Warriors do. LeBron can either be the hero and win the series or be a fallen spectacle to a dominant team. Either way, nothing can be taken away from the chosen one, but everything can be crushed and taken away from the Warriors.