Game three of the 2017 Eastern Conference Finals will not be one that Cleveland Cavalier fans, players and coaching staff would like to remember. They led by over 20 points at one point but ended up losing to the Celtics by the hands of an Avery Bradley game winning three pointer. This game was a very disappointing one for Mr. James, finishing with just 11 points (the lowest he's scored in a playoff game since 2014), 6 rebounds, 6 assists, 1 steal and 1 block on an appalling 4-13 (30.8% FG) from the field. The terrible shooting night was very rare for King James as he has shot above 50% from the field in every other playoff game this year.

LeBron could certainly not keep away from the critics after his horrid performance. A Fan was harassing and heckling the 4-time MVP during the game, which LeBron responded to, having fan removed from the game by security guards.

LeBron James goes back and forth with heckling fan

According to ESPN's Brian Windhorst there was a fan that decided to throw words towards LeBron James while he was on the basketball court, and LeBron responded. The man was making critical statements towards King James while he was on the hardwood, which forced James to react, LeBron reportedly what the heckler had ever accomplished or done on a basketball court, which had the fan reply with "I played at Hiram College", a college in Ohio.

The back and forth battle with words prompted the Cavaliers security to take the nuisance fan out of the arena, as he yelled out his college stats while being dragged away.

This was a hilarious situation for neighboring fans, watching a guy yelling his stats while getting dragged away from security. For a fan to think he has anything over LeBron because of some average stats in college is hilarious, especially because LeBron is currently in the NBA, on pace to head to his seventh straight NBA Finals while the fan is sitting at home watching.

LeBron has had many altercations with fans

In LeBron's reasonably long and illustrious 14-year career in the NBA, he has had to deal with many annoying fans of the opposing teams and also has had his fair share of appreciative fans supporting himself. Both adding up to a large list of events that have transpired in the King's career.

In early 2013, when the Miami Heat played at the Quicken Loans Arena for a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, a fan ran onto the court with a shirt stating "2014 COME BACK" in regards to LeBron's upcoming free agency in 2014. This was a huge moment as The Chosen One decided to take his talents back to The Land in 2014, to ultimately bring a championship home to his city. The fan who ran on the court was banned from Cavs games for interrupting the game and breaking a few rules, but with the return of LeBron, his ban was revoked and rightfully so, and the city of Cleveland thanks him for doing what he did back in 2013.