The Cleveland Cavaliers had a historic playoff performance in game two of the Eastern Conference Finals against the number one seeded, Boston Celtics. Setting some major records which included the biggest halftime lead in playoff history and the worst loss by a number one seed in playoff history.

It was quite an embarrassing performance for the Celtics; it had their fans heading for the exits midway through the second quarter of the game. Meanwhile, the Cavaliers asserted their true dominance over the Eastern Conference, sweeping their first two playoff series' against the Indiana Pacers and the Toronto Raptors and looking to do the same to the Boston C's.

Similar conference dominance is happening on the other side, in the Western Conference as the Golden State Warriors have started with a record of 11-0, tying an all-time playoff record. A lot of people are comparing their success to the Cavaliers and talking about the inevitability of these two teams meeting each other in the NBA finals once again. Kevin Durant was recently asked about his thoughts on the Cavs dominating game two victory at the TD Garden.

Kevin Durant gives credit to the Cavs for their win

Kevin Durant may play for the rival team to LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers, but he still won't shy away from appreciating a great performance when he sees one. The Cavs game two victory over the Celtics was historic, and KD talked about it, saying:

"You gotta give them credit.

For being up by 40 points. They went out there and dominated, that's what (players) want to do every time they step on the court. The fans will always wanna see a tight game, they wanna see a buzzer beater every game, but it's not like that sometimes."

KD mentioned that the fans and media would want to witness a back and forth close game with a lot of controversies but in reality, the players playing the game would prefer to see their team defeat their opponents in dominating fashion.

Durant was asked about how he feels with no losses in the playoffs so far, the first time in his career he has gone 11-0 to start the NBA postseason. He stated:

"You have those years where you have great playoff series' with 4 or 5 game sevens. Or some years you have, what you see this playoffs' but as players, we want to go out there and win by as much as possible and play as great as we can.

Whatever happens with the score, happens."

Can the Cavs and Warriors go undefeated till the finals?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are currently 10-0 to start the 2017 playoffs after their incredible game two victory, and the Warriors are an even more impressive 11-0 to start. This pure superiority by two teams in each respective conference has not been seen before in the history of the league; it could be the first time two teams have matched up in the finals without a loss to their name yet.

The likelihood of this happening is really high. With the critical injuries of Kawhi Leonard for the San Antonio Spurs and Isaiah Thomas for the Boston Celtics, leaves and, even more, easier route for the teams to go through.

Although a strong argument could be made with Thomas, that his presence wouldn't change the outcome of the series, and the same could debatably go for The Klaw. But all in all, this year could be something extraordinary, the first time two teams have swept their way to the finals.