The San Antonio Spurs are in a hole right now versus the Golden State Warriors. They are currently down 2 to 0 to the Warriors and have to face them tomorrow night at 9 pm for game 3. The momentum has totally shifted towards the Warriors since the tiring game 1 victory. Momentum shifted after that game and crushed the Spurs' spirits and in game 2, they had no fight at all and no soul. They lost by a whopping 36 points in game 2. Their offense struggled the whole time with their star out of the lineup. The only problem is that they are unsure if their star Kawhi Leonard will be ready to go for the next game.

Leonard does a lot for the Spurs and if he does not play in game 3, they will loose. And it will be difficult to come back to win a series down 3 to 0, especially against the Golden State Warriors. I do not even think the great coach Popovich can get them out of this horrible situation.

The story of Zaza Pachulia

There is debate whether Pachulia's play on Leonard was a dirty play or not: if it was done on purpose or not. Looking at the footage it is easy to see that it was intentional, although there is a small possibility that it was not. Although Zaza has had some history of being a dirty player in the past, if it was done purposely, it was a really dirty move for him and it is a shame to see.

He has even created his own phrase with commentators calling it "do not zaza." It is funny to see he has coined a new negative phrase.

Is the Spurs season over?

As stated, if Kawhi does not Play In Game 3; the team will most likely loose. Looking at game 2, without their star, they got destroyed by the opponent. Leonard definitely wants to play but the organization might not want him to play if he is not at 100 percent.

He is their most valuable player and they would not want to risk anything big to happen to their star. He has hurt the same ankle more than once now in a short time, which means that the injury has not healed to its full potential. They would not want to risk a broken ankle or something worse.

Kawhi Leonards impact

Leonard has a big impact on the game.

He is in the race for MVP and for great reasons. Kawhi is a great two-way player, playing well on both sides of the ball. He is a stellar defensive player and his offense has gotten better year after year since entering the league. Leonard never tries to cause any trouble and he has a great demeanor. He is a team player and is all about the team. This is why the Spurs need him so desperately. Kawhi helps spread the floor for the team and puts pressure on the defense with his drives to the rim and his shooting around the perimeter.

Other players must step up in game 3

Players such as Aldridge, Simmons, and others must step up in order to have a chance of winning. Aldridge and Simmons need to have 20 points apiece in order to win without Leonard. Gasol must also have an impact along with Mills, Green, and Ginobili.