The Cavaliers have lost a game in the playoffs, proving that they are human after all. Now, only the Warriors are undefeated in the playoffs and who are now looking to end the series tonight against the Spurs.

Game 3 was an interesting and surprising game. A lot of people did not figure that this would be a competitive and close game at all. Viewers surely found themselves glued to the television screen for the second half of the game as the two teams battled it out.

Who would have figured that the Celtics would have beaten the Cavaliers without their star Isaiah Thomas.

It seems that the Cavs took the foot off the gas and let the Celtics come back in the second half. They did not respect them enough to think that they would come back.

LeBron had an off night

LeBron James had one bad game, looking to pass the ball, instead of shoot. He only scored 11 points on 4 for 13 for field goals. Certainly, he did not look like the king last night at all. It will not happen again in the series, LeBron will play much better in game 4 and look to bounce back.

It is hard for this team to win if James does not play well. It is proven with fact that they are 1 and 10 currently when LeBron does not play well scoring at least 15 points.

Marcus Smart's great game

Smart was torching the Cavaliers from the three point line and making timely baskets to lift the Celtics over their opponent.

He has been struggling in the series, that was not the case last night. Smart was nailing jumpers all over the floor and playing great defense.

Other contributions

Jonas Jerebko had a great game contributing 10 points and being 4 for 4 from the field, along with hitting a crucial basket to go ahead. Jerebko also sparked some fight in the team, as he talked back to other Cavalier teammates on the floor.

Al Horford has not done much in the series, but last night he was a different player. He attacked LeBron in the paint and was not passive like he has been, but aggressive. He provided fuel to the fire for the team.

Kelly Olynyk provided some offense with 15 points. He has not played well throughout the series, but did play decent last night.

Avery Bradley played well hitting the game winning 3 to win, along with scoring 20 points total.

Hope for the Celtics?

The Celtics fought with passion and a sense of urgency in game 3. It seemed that they were tired of getting embarrassed and wanted to win. They won the game, but they still are going to lose the series. The luck of the Irish can not help them defeat the Cavs in the series. It is highly unlikely that they can beat a powerful Cavs team who are a favorite to win it all. Although, the Celtics do have the momentum going forward and they deserve some credit for winning a game against a great team, especially on their home floor when many thought they would just turn over and give up.

Is Thomas going to be traded?

The win by the Celtics has raised its own questions with their star Isaiah Thomas. It is because they can play better defense without him in the lineup. Now, there is the question if Thomas is going to be traded because they have a number 1 draft pick and might be wanting to move on from Isaiah. The future is bright for the Celtics, regardless if they can not win the series.