Sadly, the level of these NBA playoffs has been underwhelming. NBA teams will always have talented players, especially those that reach the playoffs. However, the deficiency in character, strength, passion, and belief of many of these teams is remarkable. I miss the rugged teams of some years ago, ones that gave their all in every possession, fought for every ball, and backed down from nobody. Teams that did not suffer 44 point losses at home in the conference finals and players that would 'draw blood' before enabling their rival to humiliate them.

This new era of basketball is flashy, yes, but it looks to have lost what it made it spectacular. One could argue that with Kobe Bryant's retirement that era of basketball retired as well. These breeds of basketball players are difficult to find anymore, and they are surely missed come playoff time.

At least we still have the Golden State warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers. They are clearly above everyone else, and that is not only because of their talent but mainly because of their mentality. It is a championship for them or a failing season, as simple and crude as that. However, their paths to the NBA finals are yet again quite different.

Cavs and anyone else in the east?

Apart from the Cavaliers, the basketball level in the eastern conference is lamentable to say the least, and this has been the case for some years now.

It is apparent now that the Cavs simply cruised past the regular season. Even the number one seed Boston Celtics look like an amateur team when sharing the floor with the Cavs. We all expect more from the conference finals. We also expected more from the series with the Raptors, who did not believe for one second they could beat the Cavs, and there lies their psychological trouble yet another year.

Indiana is a different story. The Pacers simply lacked the necessary firepower, like most teams in the east, to make noise in the playoffs.

The Cavs are clearly the better team, and I do not wish to take any credit away from them. However, I simply wish, like many other fans, that Lebron would've have faced some exciting opposition on his way to the finals one more year.

It shows that he is more rested than ever taking into account that Jae Crowder, and at times the great Olynyk, has been his 'toughest' obstacle on his way to the rim during this postseason. This says it all.

Warriors are being challenged in the west?

The competition is much fiercer in the western conference. Yes, the Warriors were easily picked to come out of the regular season with the best record, and the addition in free agency of this player named Kevin Durant certainly helped their cause a little bit more. However, this is a conference that has a San Antonio Spurs team year after year competing at the highest level. They probably have the best coach in the league that brings the best out of every single player.

Leonard's play on both end of the floor is simply outrageous, and the supporting cast with the likes of Aldridge or Gasol have to be taken into account as well. I do think if Leonard had played we would have witnessed closer games, however, the outcome of the series would have been the same.

Other teams like the Rockets are deep and their fast paced game creates problems for any rival, and would have done so against the Warriors if they had advanced. The Clippers and Jazz both own solid squads with more than one star. Even the eighth seeded Blazers had a threatening backcourt and could have done more if Nurkic were healthy.

The 2017 NBA MVP will come from the west, and so will the defensive player of the year.

These additional facts yet again reflect the supremacy of the western conference. I think it is time for the league to look into this issue in order to eliminate this unbalance before it is too late. Yes, the Warriors have swept their way into the finals and the opposing teams have lacked some necessary tenacity at times, but what should be highlighted is the Warriors' merit and not their rivals' demerit. They are also without their elite coach when it counts most, and they continue to execute to perfection; this should be praised.

We could have fast-forwarded the NBA season to this point. The the two best teams will soon face each other in the NBA finals yet again and we simply hope that this time no injuries or absurd sanctions play a factor in the series. May the best win.