The Cavaliers faced off against the Celtics while the whole world watched on their television screens for game 4. People wanted to see if the Cavs could bounce back and stop the Celtics from stealing another one at their home floor. The team has faced some adversity in the series.

The Cavs stuck together and defeated the Celtics 112 to 99. It was a close throughout almost the entire game. This win really helps out the Cavaliers and inches them closer to the NBA Finals.

LeBron James returns to form

James had a bad game last time, and many were watching to see how he would play in the next game.

The answer is that the king led his team to the victory, with the help of course from his other teammates. LeBron did damage amassing 34 points, five rebounds, and six assists.

Everyone knew that LeBron would bounce back and not have another bad game. He has never had two back to back horrible performances in the playoffs. James did what he usually does, driving in the paint for nice finishes and sinking mid-range jumpers and a couple of threes. He was back to his regular form and self tonight, and helped pave the way for the Cavs.

Kyrie Irving's incredible performance

Kyrie saved the game for the Cavs. The Celtics had no answer for him. He had a career-high 42 points in the playoffs, along with three rebounds and four assists.

This is the best he has played in the playoffs for his career. He shot 15 for 22 from the floor. Ultimately, he had a tremendous impact that can not be stated enough because he was putting pressure on the defense and sinking jumpers all around the floor, along with finishing around the basket nicely. Irving is one of the best finishers around the rim, and he is a great shooter.

He is an all around great player.

He did not contribute much last game but did tonight. Kyrie stepped up and helped the Cavs inch closer to the Finals. The Celtics were up by double digits, and LeBron was out of the game because he had four fouls and as a result was taken out not to risk fouling out of the game. Kyrie put the team on his back and helped Cleveland win.

He did most of the scoring, while LeBron was on the bench.

However, he did twist his ankle on a drive to the basket, rolling it on someone's foot. We will have to wait and see how this turns out later down the line. It did not stop him from dominating the Celtics. He will surely get treatment for it, but it did seem to be anything big by how he played tonight.

Kevin Love's streaky shooting

Kevin Love has been stellar for the team in the series. He has been shooting the three at a high percentage along with grabbing plenty of boards. Love scored 17 points and grabbed 17 rebounds in the victory. This is the best Kevin has played in a long time, since his days in Minnesota.

He is proving to be a big key to the Cavs success, and they will surely need his amazing play in the playoffs

Importance of winning this game

It was essential that the Cavs win this game because they did not want to give the opponent any more momentum or hope in winning the series. The Cavaliers are obviously the better team and were the favorite to win the series.

The Cavs needed to win this game because they will want to finish them off sooner since the Golden State Warriors are waiting for the next opponent and are waiting and resting. The Cavaliers do not want to give the Warriors any more time to prepare and get more rest.

The other days of rest can be highly beneficial to the Warriors and help them win game 1 and even 2.

Losing this game could have been very detrimental to the Cavaliers. Another reason is that it is not smart to have the other team view the games and look for weaknesses that they can attack in the Finals.

The Cavs winning this game has brought them a 3 to 1 lead and has brought them one game away from the Finals. People will expect the Cavaliers to finish the Celtics on their home floor next game. Also, the Celtics chance of winning the series is diminished by a lot because they are down 3 to 1. There is a high chance that they will not come back to win a series down 3 to 1 unless you have the king on your team.