The Cavaliers have won five games in a row to open the 2017 NBA Playoffs. Much like last year, when Cleveland won it's first 10 postseason games. The team looks just as dominant as they did last year and that begs the question, who can stop this team?

Toronto Raptors?

Let's start with the team Cleveland is currently facing. The Raptors finished the season with the same record as the Cavs at 51-31. On top of that, Toronto also acquired elite shot-blocker and rebounder Serge Ibaka who matches up quite nicely against Tristan Thompson. However, the Raptors also lost two games to the Milwaukee Bucks in the first round, even losing a game by 27 points.

Realistically, Toronto does not serve the best chance at stopping Cleveland. The team is great and has the potential to maybe even win a game or two against the Cavaliers, but the best chance they have at winning the series is if LeBron breaks both of his legs.

Washington Wizards?

Even though they are down 2-0, they can be a very powerful team. John Wall never goes down without a fight, as we saw when he averaged 29.5 points-per-game and 10.4 assists-per-game against the Hawks. It only gets better for Washington from there. John Wall's right-hand man, Bradley Beal, also went off. Beal averaged 25.8 right behind Wall and helped lead his team to a 4-2 series win over Atlanta. The Wizards team has been great but now finds themselves down 2-0 against Boston.

Although, if there is anything the Cavaliers learned from last year, it is that nobody is ever done until they're done. The Wizards could very well come back against the Celtics, but the fact of the matter is, if they struggle against Boston, then Cleveland will be an even steeper hill to climb.

Boston Celtics?

Tragedy of a loved one is never easy to overcome, however, history shows it has a certain impact with basketball players.

Michael Jordan's father was brutally murdered on the side of the road in 1993. We all know the story from there, as three years later on Father's Day, Jordan won the NBA Finals coming off of the then greatest season in NBA history. Isaiah Thomas lost his beloved sister a day before the Celtics playoff opener. Fast-forward to yesterday's game against the Washington Wizards.

Isaiah Thomas led his team to an overtime victory while scoring 53 points! It also happened to be his late sister's 23rd birthday. Thomas is fueled right now and he has one thing on his mind. He wants to win this trophy for his sister and family. I would be fearful for anyone standing in his way, but the Cavaliers are ready for the Celtics. The question is, how long can Thomas carry the team? If he can stay this strong and battle off the Wizards, it would make for a great series against the Cavaliers.

The West?

Right now, I would take my chances with almost any team in the Eastern Conference before I had to play anyone in the West. Headlining the West; Houston Rockets, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz, oh and can't forget the Golden State Warriors.

None of these teams are too appealing when looking for an opponent. Right now, the Cavs would stand the best chance against the Utah Jazz. From there, any series would be interesting. Of course, the series everyone wants to see would be a legendary third year in a row rematch against the Golden State Warriors. With newly acquired Kevin Durant, the Warriors feel pretty confident, however they also felt pretty confident last year. The Cavaliers have a great team and it will be difficult for anyone to face them, but if they continue playing on the level they are now, they have a bright future only a short distance ahead of them.