WWE "SmackDown Live" star Baron Corbin has been improving vastly ever since the brand split occurred last year. His in-ring work was one of the biggest things he needed to improve, and WWE seemed to help him out with that. He's a guy they want to do well, due to him having a look and size that they feel is useful to the company. Kane ended up working with Corbin according to reports last year. Obviously Kane is one of the best big men in the history of the company, so there are few better teachers Corbin could work with.

One of his other biggest weaknesses, which is still up for debate, is his promos.

When he is on Talking Smack on the WWE Network, he happens to be quite good and very entertaining. However, when he's on "SmackDown Live," it seems that his promos are relatively weak in comparison. Some feel he is being over-scripted, which has happened far too much in the WWE over the years. Talking Smack runs on a skeleton script that only Renee Young has, which keeps them on point during the show. Other than that, the show is pretty much all improv.

Why does WWE want to push Corbin so bad?

While he still needs to improve his mic work, WWE feels he is ready for the top of the card, it seems. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning to give Baron Corbin the "Money in the Bank" briefcase.

As most know, the briefcase can be cashed in literally any time on the brand's World Champion, which will give them the ability to become the champion. Due to the ability to cash-in whenever they want, the case holder can cash in when the champion is in a bad way such as after a Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber match.

The case is good for an entire year, and the person holding it can cash in when they feel like it during that time.

You have some like Dolph Ziggler who cashed in the day after WrestleMania one year while Seth Rollins cashed in during the main event of a WrestleMania. You have some that get annoyed with holding things for too long and cash in quick, like Dean Ambrose, who cashed in last year the night be won the case. Regardless of when you cash in, most everyone leaves with the title.

Only two men have failed thus far.

Why does WWE want to push?

As mentioned previously, Baron Corbin is well-liked by management due to his look and size. However, the reason WWE wants to push Baron may have to do with the lack of big men in the WWE. The Undertaker seems to be retired and Kane and Big Show are as close to that stage as it gets. Meanwhile, Mark Henry is getting older and cannot do as much as he used to. Corbin and Braun Strowman both are being used so much because WWE is desperate for monster big men in the sea of athletes of normal size.

Roman Reigns is considered big by some, but he would be considered normal in any other era...and small in the 80's and 90's. Strowman and Corbin are big men, but both are incredibly athletic.

Corbin is of use in a major way because he can get things done on the blue brand. He can hang with the smaller guys, which helps him incredibly. The best big men in the WWE are able to hang with smaller talent and work just as smoothly, and with Baron doing this he has impressed a lot of people. He may still need help on the mic, but once that gets better he will be one of the top guys in the WWE for a long time, it seems.