The welterweight bout between former UFC Middleweight Champion Demian Maia and Jorge Masvidal was the original main event but it was moved to UFC 211. Now, "Cub" Swanson and Artem Lobov are going to headline. "Cub" Swanson is number four in the official UFC featherweight division and he has three fight of the night awards. In his next bout, Swanson is going to face another guy that asked the matchmakers for the challenge. He has lots of experience, but "Cub" becomes careless in the heat of the moment inside the octagon and there's always the chance that he will get caught at UFC Fight Night on April 22, from the Bridgestone Arena, in Nashville, Tennessee.

'Cub' versus the 'Korean superboy'

Swanson is a very exciting fighter to watch, according to fans and Bloody Elbow. At UFC 206 he earned the back-and-forth unanimous decision against growing prospect the "Korean Superboy" Doo Ho Choi; it got fight of the night and fight of the year. But it was surprising that the referee didn't stop the fight earlier. Swanson was landing a large amount of punches and Choi’s corner should have thrown in the towel, especially in the third round. Doo Ho is young, he's tough, and has a ton of potential, but he was taking too many clean punches.

Artem Lobov is looking to make a name for himself

Russian fighter Artem Lobov was a cast member of Fox Sports 1's "The Ultimate Fighter": Team McGregor vs.

Team Faberand and he did very well on the reality TV show. But, he only has a 2-2 record in the UFC, and is making a major leap up the rankings by asking to face the number four fighter in the 145 lb. weight class. A win over an established veteran like Swanson would be very good for Lobov's career. Like most UFC fighters, the Russian wants money and recognition, and a battle with Swanson would be a very good technical matchup for him, so he asked the matchmakers for the challenge.

'Cub' has a lot of momentum right now

Swanson takes a lot of risks inside the octagon and his career has had many ups and downs. In April 2015, "Cub" lost by submission in the third round to Max Holloway by guillotine choke and endured a broken jaw and right hand. Then, in 2016, he made a comeback with a three-fight winning streak, all by unanimous decision. Will "Cub" Swanson continue his winning streak at UFC Fight Night on April 22nd?