Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo has signed a new deal with CBS Sports to become their number one color commentator during their NFL football games. Romo replaces former number one color commentator Phil Simms. According to former NFL quarterback Chris Simms, this came as a surprise to his dad, as Chris said that CBS never told Phil that the move was coming and he was the one to inform him after Romo signed the new contract with the network.

Chris Simms side of the Tony Romo story

Chris Simms, who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Tennessee Titans, Denver Broncos, and Tennessee Titans over his career, said on his Bleacher Report podcast that CBS did not inform Phil Simms that they were planning on replacing him as their color commentator with Tony Romo.

While Chris said that the rumors had been out there for two weeks, his dad didn't hear about it until an NFL insider told him and he forwarded the text message to his dad, who was vacationing in Barbados. Chris said that his dad has worked for CBS for the last 20 years and was the face of their football broadcasts, and he feels this was not a good way to treat a loyal employee. Chris also made the accusations that he believes that Simms' broadcast partner Jim Nantz had something to do with this. According to Simms, Nantz likely would have had some say in signing off on the change and believes that Nantz had input.

Tony Romo and CBS

Tony Romo will now become the face of CBS Sports when it comes to their NFL coverage.

Phil Simms had worked in the role of color commentator since 1998 and the network has decided to bring in someone with no experience in the medium to take over as their top color commentator. Interestingly, Tony Romo will now call the number one AFC football games every Sunday while fellow Dallas Cowboys' retired quarterback Troy Aikman calls the top NFC football games over on Fox every week, making former Cowboys players the two biggest names when it comes to color commentary.

Aikman teams with Joe Buck on Fox while Tomo Romo will call games with Nantz on CBS. Meanwhile, Chris Simms says that his dad is not complaining about the alleged shoddy treatment by CBS. Chris said that Phil still has two years left on his current contract with CBS and will still be paid as if he was the number one man thanks to that. Phil also has a few years remaining on the show "Inside the NFL" and Chris said that he will continue to do that despite his removal from the CBS shows.