Dallas Cowboys retired quarterback Tony Romo might be making the jump to professional basketball and the NBA. Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has been making big talk lately about bringing in a pass-first point guard to help the team at the end of an injury-plagued season. It turns out that Cuban was talking about Tony Romo and the Mavericks will honor the Cowboys retired quarterback by making him a "Maverick for a day."

Tony Romo in the NBA?

Of course, Tony Romo won't play a single minute in the NBA and the Dallas Mavericks are just doing this to honor the Dallas Cowboys' record-breaking quarterback.

According to reports, the Mavericks look forward to honoring what they refer to as "one of Dallas' all-time best athletes" and he will be there to start warm ups before their home finale on Tuesday night. Dallas will treat Romo like he was an actual player on the roster for the game. He will work out with the team, be in uniform, and be on the bench during the game. He will not step on the court to play in the game but will have the best seats in the house. The Dallas Mavericks have said that they would not have done this if they were still in playoff contention but thanks to the multiple injuries this year, they are already eliminated from playoff contention. This will allow them to present their fans with something special on the last game of the season, despite having nothing to play for at this point.

Tony Romo and the Dallas Mavericks

Tony Romo has become a fixture at Dallas Mavericks games in recent years. He has been a vocal presence and is at numerous games supporting his home team. While the Mavericks have always played second-fiddle to the Dallas Cowboys over the years, having Romo in attendance at games has proven that there is a lot of respect between the two teams.

Tony Romo has not played basketball since high school. While he won't take a shot during the game, Romo will instead move on to the broadcasters booth and become the number one color commentator for NFL games for CBS Sports, replacing Phil Simms in that position. Romo, who turns 37 in May, said that he was retiring because of health concerns.

While Tony could have stayed in the NFL and probably started for the Houston Texans in 2017, he chose to retire after playing for only the Dallas Cowboys over his 14-year career in the NFL. Romo never won a Super Bowl while playing for the Cowboys, one of the only faults in his record-breaking Cowboys' career.