The 2017 Masters was all that a golf tournament should be. Sergio Garcia and Justin Rose went neck and neck for 18 finishing holes, and took the championship to a playoff. At age 37, Garcia wasn't considered the tournament favorite. But after shooting four sub-par rounds (71-69-70-69), Garcia played one additional sudden death hole to triumph over his opponent to win the dream of wearing the coveted green jacket.

Garcia as one of the great golfers

Turning professional at age 19, Garcia has a lengthy laundry list of golfing accomplishments -- 31 professional wins including 10 on the PGA tour alone.

He has been the Sir Henry Cotton Rookie of the Year, won the Vardon Trophy, and won the Byron Nelson Award. In 2008, Garcia won The Players Championship (in another sudden death playoff, this time against Paul Goydos). His golf accomplishment are many and with a little luck, he may have many more opportunities.

Yet media and fans alike often question his ability to close and win tournaments. His win at Augusta National occurred nearly two decades after his professional debut, which caused the general public to question his golfing prowess.

The Masters isn't a game for those who blink

Garcia's win at the Masters, however, is no greater -- or lesser -- than any other person in any other year. Nearly two thirds of those who won at Augusta only won the tourney once.

(Seventeen golfers did so multiple times, but they are actually in the minority.) The age range for winning this particular tourney is all over the board. Some win on their first try. Some, like Garcia, return many times before winning.

By far, there are more professional golfers who have never won the Masters. Thus, the comical reaction to Sergio Garcia winning at his age and after dozens of attempts seems to be a moot point when taken in the context of all players who have ever played and all the players who have ever won at Augusta.

Garcia played in his 74th tournament and won. Justin Rose, his talented and able opponent, didn't lose the game to allow Garcia to win. Rather, Garcia played great golf, hung onto an opportunity to tie at the finish of regulation, and successfully played a difficult and stressful playoff hole to beat his adversary. It wasn't merely his time to rise because of the number of previous chances, it was his time to dominate because of the great level of play he brings to the game.