Sam Dyson is currently the closer for the Texas Rangers. That role on a major league baseball team may be overstated at this stage, but it still carries a large responsibility. It's a responsibility he is struggling to uphold right now, as he has started off the season horrendously. After another blown save on Sunday, Dyson could be in danger of losing his grip on the job altogether, as his team has scuffled around his performances.

Yet another blown save

A home run by Nomar Mazara in the top of the ninth inning put the Rangers up 7-6 against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday afternoon.

All the team needed was a closer to finish the job and move the team closer to a .500 record. Much to the consternation of fans of the team - and to likely cheers from the Safeco Field fans of the Mariners - manager Brian Bannister decided to hand the ball back to Dyson, who has become much ballyhooed in the first two weeks of the 2017 season.

Just like clockwork, the closer blew another save. An infield single and a bunt to the pitcher put runners on the corner with nobody out. After a steal, an intentional walk loaded the bases. Dyson then walked home the game-tying run, still with no outs in the bottom of the ninth. After forcing a fielder's choice, another infield single scored the winning run for the Mariners.

The Rangers lost 8-7, dropping their record to 4-8 and raising even more questions about what to do about the closing situation moving forward.

Looking at replacements

Dyson has been absolutely horrific as the closer to start the season, despite Bannister's leanings to keep throwing him out there. The 28-year old has now picked up three losses in the first two weeks of the season and blown three saves.

The Rangers have only won a single game he's entered this season, and it was during a non-save situation. He's got a 27.00 ERA with no saves to his name so far.

Unless the Rangers want to pay an exorbitant price in an early season trade, the team will likely have to look at internal options if they want to replace their closer.

Jose Leclerc has a 1.42 ERA to start the season. Jeremy Jeffress has only pitched six innings so far this season, but he served as the primary closer for the Milwaukee Brewers last season. Matt Bush completed a massive comeback from personal demons last season and has rewarded his team handsomely so far. Any of these three pitchers may be better options than Sam Dyson at this point of the year, as the team tries to save their season.