The Clippers have gone through a lot in the past couple of years. There have always been rumors that the organization of the Clippers is cursed and that is why they can not advance far into the playoffs. This is a crucial Game 5 to see who will take the lead in the series. Whoever wins will hold the momentum going forward and if the Jazz are able to win, that is a huge sign that they can win the series.

There are a number of factors that will play out in Game 5 of an entertaining series. The Clippers have an uncertain future with Blake Griffin, who has gotten injured once again and will be sitting on the sidelines during the rest of the playoffs.

There is a lot against the Clippers, but they can beat the Jazz to win the series, although it is not going to come easy. The Clippers certainly have a chance to win the series, although the Jazz have been playing well too. Both opponents are evenly matched. Chris Paul and others will need to carry a huge load of the offense. The Clippers will lose if they let the Utah Jazz shooters get going, like Joe Johnson, who was the hero of the last game. The Jazz must get Gordon Hayward back. There are reports that he will be playing, but there are also reports that Austin Rivers will be back in the lineup for the Clippers.

Clippers have to watch out for Joe Johnson

Joe Johnson's last game led the Jazz with 28 points, 5 rebounds, along with 5 assists.

He had the hot hand and by himself helped the Jazz pull away from the Clippers to tie the series at 2. Johnson is a veteran and there is a reason they call him "Clutch Joe." He is strong, being 6 foot 7 and 240 pounds, and had good seasons with both the Nets and Atlanta. Johnson is a veteran who signed a two-year deal with the Utah Jazz and has been well worth the money he was offered.

Johnson has playoff experience and knows how to win a game.

Clippers must keep Gobert in check

Gobert was not kept in check last game. He came off injury playing well, logging in 23 minutes and 50 seconds, accumulating 15 points and 13 rebounds. I imagine he will have a bigger role in the game tonight. Gobert is a huge force and he is a factor to the Jazz's success.

The defense of the Clippers must be good.

Chris Paul and JJ Redick must have a good game

For the Clippers to have any chance of winning the game and the series, both of these players must play well. Especially with Blake Griffin being out of the lineup due to injury and one of the big three being out. Chris Paul has to facilitate the ball and have others participate to even have a chance of winning. Jamal Crawford must have another good game like last game and DeAndre Jordan must also have an impact.

Austin Rivers back in the lineup

A question to be asked is if Rivers will play well. He has not played for a significant time due to injury, there are plenty of questions towards the Clippers. Austin Rivers played a good season and is constantly improving averaging 12 points per game with 2.2 rebounds.

I believe that having him back in the lineup can help the Clippers and make an impact. There are still questions regarding if he is ready and will play well. Getting back Gordon Hayward is also a big impact, so having both players back on both teams evens it out.