During the 2016-17 regular season campaign, LeBron James had his best passing season of his career. He totaled 646 assists at a rate of 8.7 Assists Per Game, over his 74 game stretch. He also had a career-high in assists to three point shots, due to the luxury of having many great three-point specialists on his Cleveland team. Kyle Korver led the league this season in three-point shooting percentage and was a big help to LBJ's passing ability. This brilliant season King James had to share the rock, put him in the history books as he broke records and achieved milestones for the art of the assist.

LeBron James broke an assist record

LeBron's 8.7 assists per game this season was record breaking. No forward had ever achieved this number in NBA history. In fact, there hasn't been a non-guard able to ever record this many assists per game in a season, which compliments the true versatility of LeBron's game. Here's the highest APG average in a season from non-guards:

1. LeBron James (8.7) This season

2. LeBron James (8.6) 2009-10

2. Wilt Chamberlain (8.6) 1967-68

4. Wilt Chamberlain (7.8) 1966-67

5. Larry Bird (7.6) 1986-87

A point guard is known to be a player to bring the ball up and facilitate the offense, passing the ball and getting assists. So when it's someone who plays the forward position who can pass the ball at such a brilliant rate, it's actually incredible.

LeBron James prides himself on being a great passer of the basketball, something he said he has been doing since he first started playing the sport. He takes more joy from seeing his teammates succeed, over himself, meaning he would prefer to set up play than score one.

His passing ability will be useful in the playoffs

As the Cavaliers look towards the 2017 postseason run, a significant factor in their success will be LeBron James.

And an important part of his game will be on the show, that being, passing the ball. The Cavs have many players who can shoot the ball and cut to the basket; this will create great opportunities for King James to get them the rock on time and target. LeBron averages 6.8 assists per game over his playoff career, but in recent years he has shown the real potential of his abilities.

In the 2015 postseason run, the King averaged 8.5 assists per game, bringing the injury wobbled Cavaliers to the finals. And in last year's championship run, LeBron handed out 7.6 assists per night, which was able to help the Cavs ultimately win their first NBA championship.