Lance Stephenson is known around the league for his crazy personality, his amusing antics, and his solid all-around game. Some nights he may make the headlines with an incredible layup and then other nights he'll be all over the media for falling on the ground or blowing in another players ear. But today he's once again in the headlines, this time for his postgame comments made about the Pacers-Cavaliers game three.

Lance Stephenson has a history with facing LeBron James-led teams. He was drafted to the Indiana Pacers in 2010 and played for them for four years.

In those years he matched up with LeBron's Heat Team on three separate occasions, those being in 2012, 2013 and 2014. While Lance and his team couldn't manage to win any of those series', he still made his presence known. He would get in the Heat team's huddle, cheap shot players, flail his arms, nudge players, flop around the place and had an infamous moment where he blew in LeBron's ear. Stephenson loves playing against the King in a playoff series, so when he gets the chance he does and says crazy things. This year in the 2017 playoffs he once again is facing LeBron, this time it's against his Cavaliers team, and he has a few things to say about them.

Lance Stephenson talked about the loss with the media

Game three was an interesting one for Lance Stephenson, during the third quarter Lance hit a three-pointer from the corner to put his team up by 20 points and started to yell to the crowd "This is my house." But then just like that, the 20 point lead was erased, and the Cavs left the arena winners.

Stephenson gave his best explanation as to why it happened:

"We didn't fight man; we came out swinging, " Lance said, he complimented the Cavaliers saying "they played a heck of a game... they was just making the right plays, every possession they shot a high percentage shot, and we just didn't respond."

Stephenson had a hilarious comment about the lead his team blew, saying "It happened so fast...

I am real, shocked man, we were up 26." Lance was in shock that one second he is celebrating with the crowd, the next he's walking out down 0-3 in the series. But through all this negativity, Indiana's guard still has faith in his team.

Lance hasn't given up on his team

While there are some players on the Indiana Pacers team worried more about not getting swept, Mr. Stephenson still has full confidence in his team's chances of getting the job done. Lance said:

"They played like how we played in the first half, they played like that in the second half, we just let down....We gotta keep the faith; we can't let down, I feel like we can still do it."

So Lance still believes his team can win this series, they would need to take it to game seven if that was to be the case.

While it's not impossible, the chances of Indiana taking hold of this series is very unlikely. I don't think many can see the Pacers winning four straight games against LeBron, Kyrie, Kevin and the Cavaliers.