His pragmatic style

Chelsea this year have had excellent togetherness and team spirit that has made them win matches where others would have settled for a draw. Last year you rarely saw smiles on the faces of Eden Hazard or Diego Costa. This year however, it has been a different story, with them both being able to express themselves without the worry of an overbearing manager. Conte’s calm attitude is one of the main reasons for Chelsea’s success. For example, Conte has never moaned to the press about decisions that have not gone his way, by accepting when he loses, it brings a calm to the team and lets them focus on the future rather than worrying about the past.

His pragmatic style of leadership is the main reason why Chelsea are at the top of the table this year. He has managed to get the most out of his squad and has built trust. At the start of the season Chelsea dropped a few points, which led him to play with wing backs, after this his side went on an extraordinary run, he didn’t see reason to change it.

Why have others have faltered?

If you look at the reasons why other managers have failed then compare them to Conte you would see that Conte has chosen to do things differently. Pep Guardiola, for example, has virtually changed his team every game. Furthermore, the players he has brought in have been a huge success such as David Luiz and Kante. A lot of people questioned the signing of David Luiz but his performances this year have been flawless.

In Conte’s camp there hasn’t been any tension. John Terry could have moaned about being dropped to the bench but he hasn’t said a word, most likely because he has trust in the manager. The players he has brought in have made the team stronger which you cannot say for all the other top teams except maybe Liverpool, who have made quality signings as well.

Conte has experience winning titles as a manager and a player. Being a former top player himself helps him relate more to the players. Another reason for Conte’s success is that he hasn’t shown any kind of ego after doing so well. He has taken things one game at a time and hasn’t let the team’s success go to his head. Also, Chelsea haven’t had the distraction of the European tournaments this year because they did so badly last year. This has given them more time to rest and focus on winning.