Opening Day for Major League Baseball is approaching soon. Teams are getting ready for the new season. They are warming up their pitchers. They are offering specials to lure fans to stadiums. One team is protecting the Environment.

Minnesota Twins is partnering with Eco-Products to turn trash into fertile soil. Last year, the team and environmental company collected 300 tons of trash that then became fertile soil. The goal for this season is to top that.

Team Collects Compost

Last year, during baseball games, the Twins asked fans to put their beer cups, plates and nacho trays into composting bins.

The team is going to ask fans to repeat that process this year, and it wants to collect more trash for composting. Cups, plates, trays, soup dishes, utensils and other things can be composted. In addition, all plastic bottles and aluminum cans are recycled at the stadium.

Besides increasing the number of tons of trash turned into compost, the team hopes to make the baseball stadium the greenest in the nation. Throughout the stadium, the team set up places to collect the trash that is compostable or recyclable. The process is easy for fans to use -- one bin for recyclables and one for compostables. Trays with leftover food is permitted in the composting bins.

Benefits of the Plan Go Beyond Target Field

Although this program benefits the environment and the stadium, it helps others too. For example, it reduces the amount of trash in community landfills. The program also allows the maintenance crew to use less irrigation and promotes plant growth. Maintenance crew members also don't have to use artificial fertilizer.

The stadium sells the soil to area farmers, gardens and landscapers.

People feel good about themselves when they watch a Minnesota Twins baseball game because they are promoting a healthy environment. This program is important all summer long, but it especially has meaning in April as Earth Day is April 22. Minnesota Twins and Eco-Products are proving they are doing their part to save the world as Earth Day approaches.