Collegiate basketball always reaches a frenzied flurry towards the end of the NCAA tournament. However, the 2017 Sweet Sixteen offers much more than the usual for four unique, diverse institutions. Ask any fans of the UCLA Bruins, the Oregon Ducks, the South Carolina Gamecocks, or the Baylor Bears, and they will be able to quickly state that this year could be the greatest overall basketball moment of all-time on each of their respective campuses.

Both the men and women basketball teams have advanced to the Sweet Sixteen from all four institutions.

Eight individual teams from four institutions all facing the hoops fight of their lives. The four duos that have advanced come from different corners of the United States. The fan base couldn't be better.

A past precedence has been set

In 2004, the UCONN Huskies coached by Geno Auriemma (women) and Jim Calhoun (men) took the NCAA basketball championships by storm. Never before had a pair of teams from any one institution ignited the field and won in both categories at the Division I level. Ten years later, the 2014 Huskies repeated the feat, winning the duo again, under Coach Auriemma (women) and Kevin Ollie (men).

Twenty years prior to the first UCONN duo win, the University of Central Missouri hit the championship mark with both their men and women's teams at the Division II level, coached by Lynn Nance (men) and Jorja Hoehn (women).

They were the first to do so at any level.

A future possibility

In the March Madness world, anything is possible. Any individual pair from Baylor, South Carolina, Oregon, or UCLA has the opportunity to join those who preceded them in the basketball record books as joint men/women champions. If ranking carries any weight, Baylor might be the best choice.

The Baylor women are a one seed and the Baylor men are a three seed. But the remaining three pairs are all within striking distance with no one seeded higher than tenth.

With four accomplished pairs of women and men's teams, it is fair to say that there is an added bonus to championship possibilities this year.