What everyone needs and everyone really doesn't like is this class of QB's that went through the combine on Saturday afternoon. If you’re a fan you are really excited to see these guys throw in some spandex, but I think all that really matters now is how they do in the classroom. We all know from game tape that these guys have some ability. Can they read an NFL defense? It's the big question. Here is what each big name QB did over the weekend.

Mitch Trubisky

Not surprised by his 40 times if you have watched him at all this year.

It looks like he worked on his footwork all off season before the combine. He showed good arm strength and good accuracy during the drills. I've said it for a little bit now. Myles Garrett couldn't have had a better combine for the big guy. Mitch is still getting picked #1 overall because Browns.

Deshaun Watson

Watson is an obvious winner in college. He played great all year and something should be said about winning a National Title against an NFL team.

Scouts after this weekend are calling him the most NFL ready QB in the class, but that won't stop the Browns from not taking him. All his combine numbers were really good for a QB. The guy has a cannon and is accurate, but I can't wait to hear how he did on the chalk board.

DeShone Kizer

There is going to be nothing wrong with this kid in the pros in the right place.

He has a big-time arm showcased at the combine. We all know he is athletic and for his size coming in at almost 6'4" 233 I think a 4.8 40 is a great time.

Some good guys still out there

These are your best three coming out of the combine.

There were some others that made some noise like Patrick Mahomes or your Brad kaaya. I fully expect Mahomes to get a chance to play somewhere next year. He has a great arm and with hitting that 6'2" height mark really helped his draft status. The other guy that I'll keep harping on hoping that the Bears draft him in the 3rd or 4th round is Davis Webb if he is still there. Big kid with a great arm. Ran a 4.8 40 and had a good over all day.