The NFC North is a division that is hot and cold. One year, every team has a chance to win the division, then the next year three out of the four teams are under .500 for the season. This division features some of the most storied teams in NFL history, and arguably some of the best rivalries in NFL history. Every team needs something, so let's look at what the Packers, Lions, Vikings, and Bears need to get in order to have a successful season next year.

Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are coming off of what was a magical season for them.

The rattled off 5 straight wins, getting them to the playoffs, and making it to the NFC Championship game. But where the Packers need to look to loadd pieces is on the defensive side. Their secondary got blasted last season, and that is what cost them a NFC Championship. The Packers need to bulk up that secondary.

The Packers were awful defending the pass, giving up 269 pass yards per game, second-worst in the NFL. The Draft is home to some decent corner talent, so the Packers could get a gem in the first three rounds. The Pack got exposed in the pass game when it counted most, so to prevent that from happening, they need to draft or sign some corner talent.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions are coming off a year where injuries derailed what could've been a first-round bye in the playoffs.

Matthew Stafford played injured, which many could see affected the way he threw the ball. The Lions defense couldn't get any pressure on opposing QB's, so that is where they need to get better. The Lions only had 26 sacks the whole season, and they never replaced the hole Nick Fairley and Ndamukong Suh left when they hit the road.

The Lions need to beef up on pass rush talent, so the opposing QBs aren't sitting back there eating a sandwich because of no pass rush.

Minnesota Vikings

The Minnesota Vikings started off 5-0 last season and then the stunk after that, finishing 8-8. You could blame that on Bradford, but you should blame that on that mess they call the offensive line.

This is a glaring weakness they have, and they need to work on this.

The Vikings couldn't get a push to run the ball, as the averaged an awful 3.2 yards per rush last season. They ranked last in the NFL in rush yards per game, averaging 75 yards a game. They got bullied by opposing lines and with both of their tackles going in free agency, they need a fresh start.

The Vikings couldn't keep Bradford upright, as he got sacked 38 times last year. He was receiving brutal hits, and many asked if he could get up after some of those. The Vikings let go of Adrian Peterson, focusing on the line, which needs some work. In order to keep their backs alive, they need to sign some o-line talent. They want experienced lineman, so the draft might not be the best option.

Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears had a terrible season, going 3-13. The Jay Cutler era is over, as the Bears put him on the trade market. The Bears need to start over at quarterback. Matt Barkley isn't your starting QB of the future, Brian Hoyer is getting older than leftover meatloaf, so where could you go? They could look at the draft and try to get Mitch Trubisky, or any QB, as they have the third-pick in the draft. The way to success in the NFL is through a quarterback, so that's where they need to start.

The NFC North has some great rivalries, and sometimes great competition. The NFC North has some good talent, but like always: every team need something. This is what these NFC North teams need in order to have success next year.