When the New York Jets drafted quarterback Geno Smith in the second round of the 2013 NFL Draft, the expectations were that he would become their franchise quarterback but things never worked out for him. After four seasons where he failed to live up to expectations, the Jets let him walk after the 2016 NFL season. He doesn't look like he will have to go far as the New York Giants are reportedly signing Smith after he passes a physical.

The fall of Geno Smith

The New York Jets were hoping that Geno Smith could be a huge multidimensional quarterback when they drafted him out of West Virginia.

However, instead of ending up like Cam Newton, Smith failed to impress the team who wouldn't start him despite being in dire need of a quarterback. Smith flourished in West Virginia, winning the Orange Bowl MVP in 2011 and throwing for 4,205 yards with 42 touchdowns and only six interceptions the next year as a senior. He was an immediate starter in his rookie year, beating out Mark Sanchez for the job. He threw 12 touchdown passes and 21 interceptions in his rookie season and had lost his starting job by 2015. Despite Ryan Fitzpatrick having one of the worst quarterback ratings in the NFL in 2016, the Jets still wouldn't start Geno Smith until Week 7, a game where Smith tore his ACL. That marked his end with the Jets.

Geno Smith and the Giants

The good news for Geno Smith now that he has left the New York Jets is that he gets a fresh start with no expectations. The New York Giants have Eli Manning at quarterback and have tried to surround Manning with more talent than he has had in years. That means that Smith will work as a backup unless Manning falls to injury and he can just work on getting his NFL career back on track.

It also gives Smith a chance to play for a team that actually has a decent chance of making the playoffs after playing his entire career for a Jets team that struggled. However, there is also a chance that the New York Giants could drop Smith by the time the 2017 NFL season starts, especially if they also sign Josh McCown, a much better option.