The Washington Redskins have been embroiled in multiple controversies over the past week thanks to both Kirk Cousins and team president Bruce Allen. The questions revolve around the quarterback's future and his relation to the team president. But an even bigger question has now presented itself. Who will be the new Redskins GM now that Scot McCloughan has been fired from the team?

Mike Mayock a Potential Candidate.

According to recent reports, NFL Network analyst and announcer Mike Mayock has been linked to the position. Mayock used to play as a safety in the NFL for the New York Giants for two seasons.

His professional career may have been relatively short, but his broadcasting career has not been. Mayock has worked for the NFL Network since 2005, calling games and making commentary on football games. If that qualifies him to be a NFL GM, then the Redskins are in even bigger trouble than fans might have thought.

A Charismatic Individual.

Mike Mayock is perhaps most well known for his propensity to brag about almost every player he analyzes. As a draft guru, Mayock often applauded every pick and once gave a ringing endorsement to Bills quarterback E.J. Manuel in a 'Thursday Night Football' game. Any announcer wiling to tout the skills of Manuel should be a major warning sign for all teams.

As a GM, it would be easy for Mayock to fall in love with the players he gushes about again.

The only problem is that he is sometimes very wrong about what these young rookies can turn into. If the Redskins want to hand the reigns to their franchise to someone who only praises draft picks, that's their prerogative. But Washington should be focused on someone who can be a little more critical and put a little more thought into each selection.

Lack of Experience.

Mike Mayock has zero experience within a NFL front office. Choosing to hire him for the highest position possible would be both risky and dumb. He might be willing to listen to some scouts and people within the organization, but there's also a chance that he simply freelances once in a position of power. And suggesting that he has some sort of magical power over the NFL draft?

If he is hired as a GM, his flaw of loving every player he comes in contact with will be exposed. Redskins fans should hope that the organization doesn't make the foolish decision to hire Mayock as the GM.