The NFL owners voted 31-1 to allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas. However, there is at least one NFL player who says there might be some danger to that for young NFL players. While he said it might not be popular to say, Brandon Marshall warned any young Las Vegas Raiders players to be worried about playing in the gambling city.

Brandon Marshall's advice to the Las Vegas Raiders

When the Oakland Raiders become the Las Vegas Raiders, one thing the NFL will want to keep their eye on is the lure of the Vegas nightlife for young players who are coming out of college and getting their first taste of having a lot of money.

This is the first professional team to exist in Vegas and Brandon Marshall said that Las Vegas could become overwhelming to a young player straight out of college. Marshall had a lot of problems with maturity in his younger years in the NFL and knows full well what the new experience of being a millionaire can mean to a kid. He also knows that Sin City is a place with a lot of bright lights that can attract the wrong kind of attention to the NFL players. This is something that both the Raiders and the NFL will want to monitor carefully.

The death of the Oakland Raiders

The Oakland Raiders might be moving to become the Las Vegas Raiders but the death of the beloved franchise might be overexaggerated.

When the Los Angeles Rams moved to St. Louis, they lost a lot of their loyal fans and had to rebuild from scratch, trying to build their new fan base in their new home. However, the Raiders is an institution and their fans remained loyal when Oakland moved to Los Angeles and then back to Oakland. Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Rich Gannon said that the Raiders fans are unlike almost any other NFL fans and are loyal to the Raiders, regardless of where they play.

Gannon said that the fans will remain loyal and travel to Vegas to remain a strong support of their football team. Gannon did say there will be disappointment but the Raiders will remain one of the most popular teams in the NFL.