The Oakland Raiders have one of the most rabid fan bases in professional sports, but the NFL team looks like they will move completely out of California very soon and relocating to Las Vegas. The city of Oakland sent in a new proposal to try to keep the Raiders but ESPN reported that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said there are too many problems that the city can't resolve in time to keep the team.

Oakland Raiders problems with staying home

There is just a matter of days before the NFL votes to either allow the Oakland Raiders to move to Las Vegas or forces them to remain in Oakland.

With very little time remaining, Oakland mayor Libby Schaaf sent a letter with revised financing plans to try to keep the Raiders in Oakland. Those plans involve $1.3 billion to build a new stadium on the grounds where the Raiders currently play. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell responded to the new proposal and sounded very disillusioned in the new deal. Goodell said that there was still significant problems with the proposal and sent a letter back to Schaaf with his concerns. He said there is not enough time between that proposal and the NFL league vote to answer the problems, which includes a reasonable time frame and contingencies in case of problems.

The Las Vegas Raiders

The city of Las Vegas has promised the Raiders $750 million in public funding to build them a brand new stadium in Vegas.

All that Mark Davis and the Oakland Raiders need is 24 "YES" votes in the NFL meeting to move his team and become the Las Vegas Raiders. The Raiders have played in Oakland for 45 years out of the 58 seasons they have existed in the NFL. The 13 years out of Oakland was a short-term move to Los Angeles before the team eventually moved back to Oakland.

The Raiders fans have developed a strong reputation around the NFL, often sitting in the end zone seats wearing interesting costumes and looking very fearful during games. However, the fans might not be enough to save the Raiders when it comes to Oakland. Roger Goodell says that the Oakland Raiders NFL vote could take place as early as Monday.