After a solid start to the 2016/2017 NBA campaign by the Los Angeles Lakers, a sense of optimism could have been felt among the team's fans. A record of 7 wins and five losses at the beginning of the season was an encouraging one, accounting how disappointing last couple of years have been for the franchise. The club has yet to reach a postseason since the 2012/2013 season, and that's not an easy pillow to swallow by the Laker fans.

The hope didn't last that long

All of a sudden, those same fans thought that maybe this season could end the drought.

Now, after 64 games, it is crystally clear that this year won't be the one the fans are waiting for. With a record of 19 wins and 45 losses on the year, the Lakers hold the second-worst record in the league, behind Brooklyn's 11 wins and 52 losses. Since that solid start, the 16-time NBA champions ended on the winning side 12 times, and on the losing one 40 times.

At the moment, the Lakers are experiencing a bad stretch especially, as they have lost their last eight games - 5 on their home floor, three on the road. Their last win came a month ago on the 10th of February, defeating the Milwaukee Bucks in Wisconsin. Since the team from Hollywood hasn't won a single game.

To where has all this led?

Los Angeles Lakers power forward Larry Nance Jr. didn't back down while describing the current situation of his team. ''Any team that is looking for a rhythm, seeing us on their schedule is a bulls-eye,'' Nance said, according to Mark Medina of the Los Angeles Daily News. He also added that he ''hates'' to see that, and the whole team ''should.'' However, Nance Jr.

did note that the Lakers are seeking to improve their situation. This statement, this confession by Nance Jr. - says a lot about the Lakers at the moment.

The Lakers could end their losing streak as early as on Thursday when they meet the Phoenix Suns in Arizona. The two teams have met three times so far this year, with Phoenix having a 2-1 season series lead over the Lakers. It remains to be seen if Arizona is going to be the place where the team from LA is going to win its first game since February.