Los Angeles Lakers shooting guard Nick Young says he was glad that his teammates came to defend him against the Milwaukee Bucks. At the end of the third quarter, Young shoved to Bucks guard Malcolm Brogdon after he got fouled on a layup attempt. Bucks Center Greg Monroe then pushed the Lakers shooting guard -- the incident then escalated. Lakers coach Luke Walton took a big stand for his team after the match. Here is a video footage of the incident on Friday night at Staples Center.

It meant a lot to Young

''I love the way these young guys stepped up for me.

As a team, you know, the whole coaching staff, players, got each other back and that's unity, that's a team,'' Nick Young told reporters after the game, in an interview which be found on Lakers Nation YouTube channel. ''It means a lot. You know, these young guys are fighting for each other, fighting for a team unity. It's basketball, and I'm glad they were right there for me.''

D'Angelo Russell didn't do anything which was that 'bad.'

Los Angeles Lakers point guard D'Angelo Russell pushed Greg Monroe in the back after the Milwaukee Bucks center shoved Nick Young. As a result of that, Russell was automatically ejected from the game. ''I didn't see any of that, I just saw what happened quickly on a fastbreak, and that was it,'' Russell told reporters after the game when asked about the incident.

''I did what you guys saw, and I saw why I got ejected -- but I don't think I did anything too crazy.''

Larry Nance Jr. finds positives in all of that

Los Angeles Lakers player Larry Nance Jr. was one of the players who came to defend Nick Young when he got pushed by Greg Monroe in a loss to the Bucks. Nance Jr. admits it's not a great thing to see on a basketball court, but he was glad to that the team stuck together in the incident.

''It brings you closer as a team.

You know, lets you know 'you are out there I got your back no matter what,' you know,'' Nance Jr. told reporters post-game. ''Obviously you never wanna see anybody lose any money (due to fines by the NBA in this kind of situations), never wanna see any, you know, fights on a basketball court or anything -- but when something like that does happen it's good to see everybody come together fo protect our guy.''