Los Angeles Lakers guard D'Angelo Russell has praised the offense of the Los Angeles Clippers. The Lakers, who hosted the Clippers on Tuesday at Staples Center, saw the visitors score 133 points. The Clippers collected a routine win over their city rivals on Tuesday, 133-109. Though the LakeShow is not a team known for a good defense, the Clippers should be given credit for their great night on the offensive end. On the season, the LA Clippers are averaging 108.2 points per game, which makes them the eighth most efficient team in the NBA, reveals NBA.com.

''Yeah,'' Russell told a reporter when asked about his team's defense. ''Their offense is really fluid, they make you work. So, we just didn't work hard enough (on defense).''

No, they're not a bad match-up for us

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Los Angeles Clippers, who were without stars Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, on December 25th, 111-102. The Clippers, who played against the Lakers two times prior to Tuesday's clash, had both Paul and Griffin available for the first time this season against their city rivals. ''I wouldn't say that,'' D'Angelo Russell replied when asked if the Clippers collectively are a bad match-up for the Lakers. ''Their team chemistry is off the charts.

They play really well together.''

'We will figure it out'

Los Angeles Lakers head coach Luke Walton decided to give starting backcourt duties to D'Angelo Russell and Jordan Clarkson the last two games. The backcourt consisting of two promising Laker players did show flashes on Sunday against the Cleveland Cavaliers, when Russell scored 40 points and Clarkson added 19.

The duo failed to repeat that type of success against the Los Angeles Clippers, as Russell finished the game with 18 points and Clarkson with five points. The team still needs to work out the kinks, but there is definitely a foundation to work with.

''It's always tough having a new role, especially on a team that's struggling,'' Russell said. ''You know, being in the positions that you're not accustomed to. But, I think we will figure it out.''

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