Kiko Alonso needed to have a bounce back season in 2016. After a poor season in 2015, it was beginning to look as if the linebacker was going to be a bust with the Miami Dolphins. He had his bounce back, though, and the team rewarded him handsomely for it on Tuesday afternoon, signing him to a big Extension.

Contract extension details

The extension the Dolphins gave to Alonso, which they announced themselves, will keep the linebacker in Miami through the 2020 season. The deal is worth $25 million, with a whopping $18.5 million of that guaranteed.

The new deal will be placed on top of the restricted tender the team already placed on him this season, which is worth $3.9 million. With that, an offseason priority for the team was completed.

Alonso is just 26 years old and likely hasn't hit the peak of his powers quite yet. He lost his 2014 season to a knee injury, which resulted in his struggles in 2015. After he was dealt to the Dolphins before this past season, he recorded 115 tackles, two interceptions, and four passes. Flashes like that are what got him paid and will continue to get him paid for the rest of his career, despite his poor ranking from Pro Football Focus on the year.

Rookie year potential

The best year Alonso has had in the NFL actually came during his rookie season.

Back with the Buffalo Bills in 2013, the linebacker recorded 159 tackles and four interceptions, one of the best seasons for a rookie linebacker in league history. It's that potential the Dolphins brass hopes reappears now that he has long term security in Miami.

After a star collegiate career with the Oregon Ducks, Alonso was selected by the Bills with a second-round draft pick in 2013.

He eventually was dealt to the Philadelphia Eagles in the deal that sent LeSean McCoy to Buffalo. The deal that send the linebacker to Miami included a first-round pick, which was eventually used on offensive tackle Laremy Tunsil. The jury may be out on both of their careers with the Dolphins, but things are certainly looking up for one of them.