In 2017, very few locations, organizations, activities, or groups remain segregated by gender. Muirfield and the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers was in that tiny slice of pie -- until now. Today, they voted on the same topic for the second time in three years to allow women to become golfing members. An 80% majority approved the plan. More than 120 male golfing members voted against the plan, but as the number voting in favor crossed the 66% threshold, the club has started to make plans to welcome women.

Rory Mcilroy, one of the top five professional golfers in the world, was less than impressed with the situation.

He acknowledged that the Muirfield membership finally came to their senses, but noted the ridiculousness of their gender exclusion all along.

Muirfield wasn't exactly a lone wolf

Certainly the change at Muirfield brought its club up to 21st century standards. But, just a few short years ago, excluding women was an awkward, unbelievable tradition at other locations as well. Augusta National Golf Club began including women in 2012. The Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews changed in 2014, and no one quite knows the 2020 Olympics' golfing venue due to potential gender discrimination at several Japanese locales.

An impressive change or a forced choice?

Was the change to inclusivity due to an awakening on the part of the membership of the Honourable Company of Edinburg Golfers?

Did the UK, proud to call McIlroy one of its own, put some type of pressure on Muirfield to change or lose the opportunity to host The Open and lose a potential opportunity to see McIlroy secure the Claret Jug? Or was it just a matter of the amount of money that the host course receives throughout the tournament, as well as the money for months afterward?

Regardless of the reason, Muirfield is now among those positioned and poised for The Open, for change, and for the type of excitement that inclusivity naturally brings. One by one, these holdouts are seeing the error of their ways. The new quiet hush over the rolling hills of Muirfield will sound a lot like the rest of the world, men and women together.