Fans of the Philadelphia 76ers received some devastating news earlier today. The team's franchise player Joel Embiid, also known as "The Process," will be sidelined for the remainder of the NBA season with a torn meniscus in his left knee. Embiid was having an outstanding "first" year averaging 20 points and 8 rebounds per game while only averaging about 25 minutes a night. Embiid was drafted in 2014 and has missed the first two seasons of his career due to injury.

Embiid to start recovery....again

Joel Embiid was on a minutes limit the entire season and things were going pretty well.

He would rest in the second game of back to back sets and the team was extra careful not to overexert the future of the franchise. Still, in a game against the Portland Trailblazers in January he injured his knee and hasn't played in a game since. The 76ers released this statement in regard to Embiid's injury, "The assessment of Monday's follow-up MRI of Joel Embiid's left knee appears to reveal that the area affected by the bone bruise has improved significantly, while the previously identified meniscus tear appears more pronounced in this most recent scan. We will continue to work with leading specialists to gather additional information through clinical examination and sequential testing to determine the best course of action and next steps."

Super Dario time?

While Embiid has been sidelined by his most recent injury, one of Philly's other top prospects Dario Saric has stepped in admirably to fill his gigantic shoes.

Saric "The Homie" along with Robert Covington have picked up the slack and taken over the offensive burden for the 76ers. Saric has scored at least 18 points in 8 straight games and has had at least 11 rebounds in the last four. His arrow is clearly pointing up and some believe he has a legitimate shot of winning the NBA Rookie of the Year award instead of his more well known teammate Embiid.

Saric was also drafted in 2014 but stayed overseas for two years before making his NBA debut this year. He was known as one of the best European players in the world and it seems like his game is transitioning nicely stateside. Even though the team lost Embiid they at least get a chance to take a good long look at Saric to see how he fits in to the future of the franchise as well.