Often times when players change teams they find themselves in a situation where another guy is wearing their life-long number. Sometimes the players can come to terms with each other and sell the numbers, sometimes they can’t. These days, as contract numbers continue to rise in the National Football League, the amount of money being spent on obtaining numbers has risen as well. Some of these players have had the same number since childhood and for whatever reason, they’re not looking to change things now.

The case over Sean Taylor’s first number

Last year after Redskins linebacker-turned-safety Su’a Cravens was drafted he decided that wearing the number he had played with his entire life, the 21, was not an option in Washington. Redskins fans still hold the memory of Sean Taylor close to their hearts and do not support the use of the number by another player as of yet. Cravens’ idol growing up was Taylor, he wore the number in honor of the slain safety in high school and then again at USC. After asking fans on Twitter what their opinions were, Cravens decided that he would use the 36, the number Taylor wore in his rookie season in the NFL.

Much like Cravens, D.J. Swearinger has idolized Sean Taylor since his youth.

Swearinger has always looked at Taylor as his favorite player, mirroring his game after Taylor’s all the way down to the number he wore. Swearinger has worn the number 36 his entire career in honor of Taylor.

An expensive compromise between teammates

As you can probably figure out on your own, both players have completely legitimate claims on the number.

Being as Swearinger just signed a pretty lucrative deal, he currently has more access to larger amounts of cash, and this weekend made an offer Cravens couldn’t refuse. Swearinger offered Cravens $75,000, and the second-year pro accepted, thus giving ownership of the number 36 to Swearinger. Cravens took to Twitter to announce the deal, and tell everyone that he will be wearing the number 30 in 2017.

Some Redskins fans suggested in the replies on Twitter that Cravens should wear the number 21 this season. Cravens just replied with the ‘eyeball’ emoji, as to suggest he would be interested. That answer will ultimately come from the team, but they should give way to the fans to decide the fate of Cravens playing number in that situation. Until that happens, it’s probably a safe thing to just assume he’ll wear the 30 for now.