The upcoming arrival of March Madness should have fans excited about the tournament possibilities. If you are a fan of a bubble team, then you are hoping they manage to win some games in the last few weeks of the season. If you are a fan of a championship contender, then you probably don't need to worry too much about upsets in the first two rounds. The teams that should be worried are the ones that earn three, four, five, and six seeds this year. Let's take a look at the prime upset candidates for March Madness this season.

1. UVA.

At one point, UVA was ranked as one of the top teams in the country.

But they've now lost four games in a row and the team is reeling. Their slow style of play allows any game to be close and a mid-major that manages to hit a few threes could easily knock UVA off if the opportunity arose.

2. Baylor.

Think I'm crazy? Go ahead. Baylor lost in the first round last year and I think it could happen again this season. The Bears really struggle to close games and don't seem to understand how to finish at the end of them. That makes them vulnerable to an upset from any mid-major team that takes care of the ball and knows how to force turnovers.

3. Duke.

Duke was ranked as the best team in the country by multiple outlets before the season began. But the Blue Devils have dealt with several issues during the year, including injuries and a Grayson Allen tripping.

Duke also plays pretty much no defense, a fact that a lower seed could easily take advantage of in March Madness. Mercer pulled off the upset once before, and an upset could easily happen again this year.

4. Butler.

Butler will likely be a four, five, or six seed when the bracket is revealed. That means that they will either have to play against one of the best mid-majors or a weak major conference team.

Either way, Butler plays games that are close enough for another team to pull off an upset if it manages to get the right roll.

5. Maryland.

I really hate to place Maryland on the upset list, because they have performed so well on the road this year. But the Terrapins struggle to take care of the ball and could easily be taken advantage of by any team that chooses to apply some additional pressure.