Some new developments in the world of tennis have put a huge smile on many people's faces. Roger Federer, the guy who never cease to amaze with his tremendous game of tennis, just revealed some of his future plans regarding his professional tennis career.

After the Australian Open's unreal outcome, it seems that he's giving a bonus for those who never stopped supporting him, not in the darkest moments.

The Swiss Tennis icon is set to play in Dubai, but the news is related to other beloved ATP event of the Swiss legend.

Federer signed a new contract for the ATP 500 event in Basel

Despite being a mid-level ATP event, the tournament in Basel is located in Federer's hometown. He has a special bond with the crowd, the place itself, and the surroundings as he grew up in that particular area.

According to ESPN, Roger Federer signed a new deal that means the Swiss player will attend this event as far as 2019. That gives a certain clue regarding his remaining time on the professional tennis circuit. Including the ongoing season, it means that he`ll stick around for at least 3 season which is more than perfect.

Back in January, as he went into the Australian Open, all had their concerns and fears, especially after the first 2 matches when Federer played way under his usual level.

But Berdych acted as a wake-up call ( a familiar face, a long rival). From that point on, Federer was mostly dominant against all his opponents.

Basel could be the perfect place for the last show

When the time will come, Federer will leave the tennis court for the first time. Basel, a tournament he won 7 times in the past, could be the perfect place for a farewell tournament.

Of course, in such circumstances, there'll be a fierce competition. Some might argue that Wimbledon should be that place, also a tournament where he was closest to greatness, as close a human being is allowed to get.

Given the newest updates, we, as merely mortals beings and humble fans, have nothing to do but to enjoy the rest of the show.