Recently, the men's tennis added a new page to its collection of great moments. Once again, a guy who seems to not know the ageing process was the craftsman of a surreal moment.All of the sudden, things revolve around Roger Federer and his tennis output. But every dream, even the most vivid of them, has a terminal point.For those who follow Federer, the most recent news regarding his career might be a bit harsh as they are still living under the auspices given by the perfect bubble of Australian Open title.

The point of convergence

Yesterday, a piece of information emerged on the mainstream media.

According to that, Roger Federer set the season of 2019 as a possible ending point. He signed a new agreement with those in charge of Basel's ATP 500 event. He is set to play at his hometown's event including up to the 2019 mark. That means that the next couple of seasons are taken for granted.Of course, it's a wild guess, as we all saw how damaging an injury can be. Given his age, an injuries-free season is the best he can hope for.The trajectory which he had in Australia was out of the ordinary, but his upcoming schedule is packed with some big tournaments and a certain amount of fatigue will accumulate.

Federer will play in a few days

Starting from next Monday, Roger Federer will play a 500 ATP event in Dubai.

The draw hasn't come up, but judging by who is playing there, he is going to be among the top-seeded having a great shot to win this event.Being back in the top 10 ATP means a lot for his future plans. That will ensure him some decent draws, not as the one at the Australian Open where he was the no. 17 seed.To announce a possible end with more than 2 years in advance is an interesting choice of strategy.Still, there no certainties whether he is going to put an end of his career or not in 2019.

It's just an argument following a logical flow.With 18 Grand Slams in his backpack, Federer's career remains a landmark in sports' history. Referring to the branch of tennis only, it's perhaps the brightest career of all time.