Oakland Raiders offensive lineman Kelechi Osemele posted a video on Twitter that freaked out his head coach and all of Raider Nation. The All-Pro left guard was on a trip in New Zealand and was rafting in strong rapids when the raft he was on tipped over, not too far from a rocky wall.

Raiders' Osemele posts video of vacation incident

Osemele obviously had no intention of hiding the incident since he tweeted video of it from multiple angles. The tweet is below so you can see for yourself the raft completely tipping over to its right side.

Raiders head coach Jack Del Rio, who was a picture of calm to the public for the majority of the 2016 season, had his blood pressure rise when he saw the video.

Del Rio too tweeted his thoughts and you can see what he was thinking in his post, which is below.

The Raiders had a very successful running game last season and #Osemele was no small part of that. He was rewarded for his dominance by being named as a member of the 2016 AP NFL All-Pro First Team – a very high honor that basically says he’s the best player in the world at his position.

Osemele came to the Raiders as a free agent prior to last season and his signing was among the best free agent moves in the league. He spent his first four seasons with the Baltimore Ravens before his move to the west coast.

Raiders can't afford to lose Osemele

In all seriousness, Osemele appeared to have fun with the incident, but it has to make everyone take a step back and think a little bit. Thankfully, he wasn’t injured when the raft tipped over, but if he was, it would hurt him financially and his team.

It’s very tough to tell people they shouldn’t do things at certain points of their lives, but maybe a rafting trip on tough rapids isn’t the wisest move for a young man with an ability to cash in big for the next decade or so.

Maybe hold off on this type of fun until the NFL days are done?

At least Del Rio can take a deep breath again after seeing what happened. His star offensive lineman is fine. Now, it’s time to get quarterback David Carr healthy again because everyone saw how different of a team the Raiders were at the conclusion of last season without him.